August 13, 2018


The 11th Porcelanosa Awards: cutting-edge design and tradition in Bodegas Paniza

Marta González Arquitectos is a finalist in the Finished Projects’ category.

The interior design created for this establishment incorporates the custom-made KrionTM Solid Surface pieces.

The Bodegas Paniza project by the Marta González Arquitectos Studio was a finalist in the Finished Projects category at the 11th Porcelanosa Architecture and Interior design Awards.

Asymmetric geometry in natural stone

The geometric volumes that structure the work combine with colour and textures to break the symmetry. Each of the lines that make up the natural stone create a chromatic range that goes from the white limestone and greyish tones to the intense black of natural slate. The composition is completed with huge windows and curtain wall windows through a translucent glass.

Sculptural indoor areas with the KrionTM Solid Surface

The KrionTM Solid Surface mineral compact plays a major role in the furniture used to cover the indoor area. Its wide versatility and thermo-curved properties have made it one of the chosen materials for shaping the central display. The design of this piece has been custom-made, and it has included an integrated countertop where visitors can have wine tastings and because of the zero porosity of the material, any wine stains can be easily eliminated, and it will require hardly any maintenance which makes it looks as good as new.

The payment counter has also been made with KrionTM. Its ability to create complex objects has allowed for a piece with different levels and heights to be made, adapting perfectly to the different needs of each and every client.

In addition to this area, the building houses a laboratory for expert winemakers, a double height tasting room, several meeting rooms and the Bodegas Paniza headquarters. Open work spaces that are delimited by large windows, allowing for a panoramic view of all atmospheres.

The neatness and neutrality by KrionTM educate on smell, taste and touch. Senses that increase with the exclusive raw material by Bodegas Paniza. Cutting-edge sophistication.


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