October 7, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards Finalists: Ágora, a luxury boutique in New York

The interior designer, Ángela Acevedo Del Álamo, is a finalist in the Forward-Looking Design-Professionals category with her project which features an original fashion and restoration store.

With a floor which covers some 700m2and three entrances, the interior and exterior areas are interconnected through light structures and displays manufactured with Krion.

With 700m2 and two floors geared towards fashion and gastronomy, Ágora takes the name and shape of those old marketplaces from Ancient Greece. That has been Ángela Acevedo del Álamo’s intention, whose conception of design and way of reformulating the store concept led her to being a finalist at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards in the Forward-Looking Design-Professionals category. “This store not only encourages people to do some shopping and to have a nice cup of coffee but also to enjoy some indoor and outdoor views. We are dealing with a space which not only envelops but also blends in with the atmosphere. The building itself is the main attraction, and that is why we have designed a versatile model”, says the designer.   

Fashion in New York

That versatility is portrayed in the clear open spaces and in the continuity of the walls and ceilings, which are interconnected through materials such as the KrionTM compact mineral, the natural wood from L’Antic Colonial and the XLight sintered surface from Urbatek.

Located in New York city, this fashion boutique is made up of an exhibition area, changing rooms, rest areas, toilets, a cafeteria, a kitchen and a storeroom. Three spaces lead to the interior of the building; two of them are public which head towards the exhibition area and the cafeteria; the third leads you straight to the cafeteria. “A uniform and cyclical layout is created so that clients are encouraged to do the same tour throughout the whole store”, explains Acevedo.

This circular tour is full of sinuous structures and white displays where KrionTM plays a leading role. Because of the high thermocurving ability, its resistance to high temperatures and antibacterial properties, this material shapes the walls and the furnishing in the store as well.

In order to increase the sense of exclusivity which Ágora has implied, the designer has opted for the Par-Ker™ Forest Maple ceramic parquet as the bathroom floor tile, and the Treville 1L Mist natural wood and the Aura Hexagon mixed mosaic from L’ Antic Colonial for the rest of the bathrooms, the changing rooms and the cafeteria. The XLight Code Grey and XLight Kala White collections from Urbatek enhance that casual urban style, providing each area with a unique personality.

The LinkFloor Rock Kayak natural stone, which also belongs to the same company, has been used to raise the storeroom floor, whose walls have been covered with the Nazari Casablanca Mate blanco from the same company.

A store with all the latest in fashion.


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