April 6, 2022 | Updated: April 8, 2022


Official statement by Porcelanosa following the meeting held with the Ukrainian Ambassador in Spain

The Vice President of Porcelanosa, Silvestre Segarra, held a meeting this morning with the Ukrainian Ambassador to Spain, Serhii Pohoreltsev, to have a close and transparent discussion on the company's strategic position in Russia since the start of the Russian aggression to Ukraine. The meeting was very constructive and fruitful, and it strengthened the dialogue between the parties; furthermore, any initial misunderstandings about the facts were cleared.

The company's management reiterates that all Porcelanosa products are distributed through multi-brand agents, that Porcelanosa does not have a store network of its own in Russia, and that all commercial activity in the country has been halted, and from 6 April, including the sale to multi-brand distributors.

The humanitarian aid prepared by Porcelanosa as a first response to the immediate effects of the war includes medical supplies, food, and essential items for Ukrainian families. These actions are ongoing and will be amplified, in addition to the refugee assistance plan, which includes protection and sustenance for seven Ukrainian citizens.

Porcelanosa is satisfied with the response by the representatives of the Ukrainian government in Spain. Porcelanosa also expects and supports a peaceful solution to end the violence against the people of Ukraine.

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