October 4, 2022 | Updated: December 20, 2022


XTONE® comes to Cersaie 2022 with the most innovative designs

The new collections, inspired by fine materials and with polished, natural and textured finishes, exude balance and harmony in any space

The large-format ceramics firm takes technological evolution to the next level and highlights nature's unique features with designs inspired by stone, marble, wood and metal. Neutral tones that are perfect for countertops (160 cm x 320 cm x 1.2 com) and floor and wall tiles (150 cm x 300 cm x 0.6 cm).

A timeless style for any space

Inspired by metal, the Steel collection comes in three tones: Stripe Brown, with fine dark straight veins; Orbital Gold, a golden palette that exudes elegance and harmony in any setting; and Deep Blue, which creates a fascinating dark surface for more futuristic projects, preserving the nuances and textures of steel.

Emulating the texture and appearance of wood, Ewood White reproduces the white tone of beech, a nod to nature and the movement of trees. In contrast, the Ewood Nut model offers an intense and warm colour, reminiscent of hazelnuts, creating refined and lively spaces.

Drawing on the aesthetics of marble of the lightest chromatic range, Ceppo White offers a unique design with large and irregular clasts that makes it the ideal choice for creative and sophisticated projects. Alpinus White, with a seductive and wild design, features small crystals, reproducing the nature of Brazilian stone. In the darkest shade, from ancient Greece, the veining of the Argos Black collection creates striking contrasts to create exuberant and exotic compositions.

With the appearance of the purest stone, Montreal Ice brings strength and light to spaces thanks to its distinctive white surface. The delicate geometric pattern of Pietra Sicilia Grey evokes the beauty of Italian marble, accentuated by the peculiar dark flecks. The intense black undertone and the fine light and grey veins of Sabara Black, which lends an exquisite style and character to spaces.

La sofisticación del negro antracita o pétrea beige de Glow Braid fusiona innovación y artesanía para conseguir la creación de piezas únicas. Los patrones geométricos de Glow Dot Black/Grey son una solución creativa que otorga distinción y carácter a los espacios. The ceramics firm goes one step further and presents the Shape Collection, an exclusive and original edition of great architectural and aesthetic value. The creativity of a unique design that combines different materials and textures.

Technological evolution and sustainability

State-of-the-art processes have been used to achieve the most realistic effect in the production of the Alpinus, Sabara and Glow collections. The Alpinus Collection has used the most precise technique to emulate the particularities of natural stone in great detail. The appearance of small crystals in its finish gives the surface a great added value, showcasing the phenomenon generated by the interaction of light with materials.

Thanks to the most cutting-edge digital printing technology, Sabara captures the characteristic reliefs of stone on the ceramic design, which provides a great aesthetic strength. The Glow collection, thanks to the most innovative system, allows the creation of any design with a metallic finish pattern.

XTONE® products combine sustainability and technology. The firm's commitment to the environment is evident in the manufacture of its materials, which are produced with up to 40% recycled material. The large-format panels are 100% recyclable and do not emit VOC (volatile organic compounds), generating a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

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