6 May 2021


Tips for getting your swimming pool summer ready

If you install a drainage system such as Butech Pool-Deck and keep it clean and well-maintained all year long, you'll keep it in much better shape.

A matter of months after summer's arrived, cleaning and maintaining the swimming pool drops off the list of priorities of homeowners with their own pool. Here are some practical tips from PORCELANOSA Group for monitoring your pool over the course of the year, getting it ready for summer, and enjoying it to the fullest.

How to sort out your pool after winter

If you want to get the most out of your pool in summer, you need to maintain it over winter. But what does this involve? Next we'll look at some recommendations.

  • Check the condition of your swimming pool: To maintain it well, you need to keep an eye on the condition of your swimming pool, and check it over winter. Are there any cracks? Is there any damage that could lead to leaks? Knowing this will help you to know what your swimming pool needs and what products you need to use.
  • Check the technical components and pH levels: You need to pay particular attention to the purification system, filters and water pumps, and test the pH levels (between 7.2 and 7.6 over winter). Don't forget to disinfect the water in your pool using chlorine tablets or a chlorine shock treatment.
  • Repair your swimming pool: If your pool's been damaged in any way over winter, PORCELANOSA Group firm Butech has developed several products you can use to repair it and get it in good condition - without any major works. Their h-920 adhesive provides excellent adhesion for ceramic or natural stone tiles, wood or metal - even underwater. And if you need to repair the joints, the firm recommends using Epotech Aqua grout.

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