November 4, 2015 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Perfect showers for unique and relaxing experiences

A relaxing shower can become the most rewarding experience after a stressful day of everyday life. To get a perfect experience in the bathroom, what we do need to do is install bathroom equipment that meet our needs, with an aesthetic in wall tiles that invites peace and quiet, together with the technology which allows not only energy efficiency and water savings, but also high safety and comfort.

PORCELANOSA Grupo offers the products and innovations in bathroom equipment that are needed to create the perfect shower, the shower where the stress gives way to a unique feeling of well-being.

The shower tray

The technological innovations from PORCELANOSA Grupo for this experience start with the shower trays. The compact mineral KRION® Solid Surface with its warm touch and ease of cleaning, is defined as the ideal material to be integrated into this highly demanding space.

Butech and its new project for creating floor mounted showers are installed on the bathroom flooring with Par-Ker® imply a very warm and suitable option to achieve the aesthetically perfect design. Its system is as new as it is elegant, installing under the floor the water drainage system, which is hidden under the ceramic parquet pieces. Once installed, the water circulates through the joints and flows to the drainage channels under the ceramic, resulting in a highly efficient drainage.

The benefits of wellness

The benefits of water and colour influence on our health are well known. The firm Noken offers the possibility of vibrating with the subtle and discreet elegance of the Lounge collection rain showers. The series created by the designer, Simone Micheli, reinvents itself to provide sophisticated colour therapy programs that the user can select via remote control. In a colour cycle, or through a particular tone, Energy, Relax, Balance or Sensation, the shower experience can be customized according to the mood. But besides colour therapy, the Lounge rain showers allow for four possible shower modalities: feeling rain, fog, waterfall and laminar jet.

Another alternative to explore the benefits of water are the shower columns integrating different elements of wellness. Systempool includes projects to suit any decorative style, such as the elegant Gallery, hiding the mixers behind an aesthetic panel. Laus, which includes the rain showerhead in the column itself; or DUE, which can guide the direction of the integrated side jets. Besides its technological projects such as TOUCH, IMAG and LAUS which apply the latest advances in hydrotherapy.

The ideal temperature

The thermal sensation is a key factor which directly influences the level of well-being. The thermostatic taps allow a constant control over the water temperature, thus, continuously ensuring a comfortable sensation.

The thermostatic shower columns  from the MOOD series, for instance, allows for a thorough control of the water temperature, and on the other hand, they make water-saving possible, by highlighting the cutting-edge technology applied to the most innovative solutions for Noken showers.

Safety and watertightness

PORCELANOSA Grupo offers a wide range of shower screen designs which ensure a maximum level of safety in the shower, by means of the inclusion of highly resistant glass. Among others, the water tightness in order to avoid water leakage or the heat-holding are two other assumptions considered by Systempool, thus, managing to offer aesthetically unique, secure and highly practical shower screens which improves the experience in the shower.

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