February 28, 2019

Patterned Wall tiles, Tradition meets the Avant-garde

Patterned tiling provides interior designers and architects with one of the most visually impacting treatments of vertical and horizontal surfaces within the home; ceramic or porcelain tiles maintain their lustre (with the proper maintenance) and therefore careful attention should be paid to their selection.

Patterned wall tiles
Field by L’Antic Colonial (Porcelanosa Group)

Credit: @Bsc Projekt

Patterned & patterns

Monochrome combinations, like the classic black and white patterned wall tiles or floor tiles, geometrical motifs, compositions achieved by turning the tiles through an angle, or traditional intricate blue pattern tiles beloved of the Iberian Peninsula.

Patterned wall tiles are equally appropriate for the kitchen, the bathroom, dining areas or any other part of the home where maintenance and hygiene are a concern.

Black patterned wall tiles
Sadasi by L’Antic Colonial (Porcelanosa Group)

Of universal appeal

The use of patterned wall and floor tiles stretches back to antiquity, the Romans incorporated extraordinary mosaics depicting figurative and geometric motifs in their domestic and public buildings. Within the Islamic culture depictions of living beings was traditionally frowned upon so artists and architects turned to geometry to express their creativity and decorate the walls of their secular and religious buildings. Europe during the 17th and 18th Centuries was obsessed with Chinoiserie and its blue pattern tiles brought back from the East. This legacy has passed down the generations, reinterpreted in stunning historical periods till today when avant-garde designers and architects are creating contemporary applications equally powerful and stunning.

Triangle patterned tiles
Field mosaic by L’Antic Colonial (Porcelanosa Group)

Patterned Wall Tiles

The illusion of depth and dimension can be achieved through subtle shading effects, by creating visually engaging trompe l’oeil effects or simply using a single colour such as green patterned wall tiles or blue patterned wall tiles to create a work of art that is in itself part of the fabric of the space.

Patterned green tiles
Aluminium olive by L’Antic Colonial (Porcelanosa Group)

Pattern Floor Tiles

When selecting a pattern floor tile designers can nowadays benefit from a myriad of products that are as technically advanced as they are beautiful aesthetically, from a singular repetitive motif to a more avant-garde and eclectic mixing and matching of motifs in a haphazard fashion that nonetheless evokes cohesion, especially when combined with tiles of more neutral tones such as grey patterned wall tiles and white patterned wall tiles.



The area perhaps where the pattern wall tile and patterned floor tile is most effective is the bathroom. When contrasted with white sanitary ware; bathtubs, wash hand basins, bidets, shower trays and WCs the pattern tile can be a  sophisticated foil, its two dimensional motifs provide the perfect contrast to the sinuous curves and continuous surfaces of the bathroom installations.


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