July 6, 2023

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12 Surefire Ways to Use Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles have a decorated surface that creates a visually stimulating design that can be individual, grouped or organised over an entire wall or floor area. They have numerous innovative and surprising applications throughout the home.

When patterned tiles first became popular, they were hand-crafted. Ever since then, these beautiful and versatile tiles have maintained a special artisanal quality. Once the manufacturing process became industrialised during the late 19th Century, the patterned tile became more affordable and elaborate. Even today, decorative Victorian tiles remain as popular as ever.

Patterned tiles have been around for a long-time thanks mainly to their beauty and versatility. Through this article, we are going to explain and illustrate how best to use these stylish tiles in your home. We include everything, from patterned floor tiles to patterned wall tiles and other less conventional applications.

 Living room with patterned wall tiles panels

Figure Spiral Dark 29.9×29.9 (Available in-store)

Panels: Versatile Uses of Patterned Tiles

With even a small area of patterned tiles, the effect can be visually dramatic in any given room. Whether it be the kitchen, living room, bathroom, hall or even the bedroom, a well-chosen pattern can enhance the existing décor. With the right patterned tiles, they can become a focal point for the entire space. The following examples might not be obvious, but they perfectly illustrate the transformative power of patterned tiles panels.


1. Zoning with Patterned Wall Tiles

Try to combine a monochrome mosaic in different shades of greys and blues with a plain tile in the same colour. The same material but radically different allows for a visual continuity but also sets up zones. In the below image, for example, the dining area is defined by the patterned tiles. In fact, even the lighting accessories here reflect and underline the pattern and tone of the tiles.


Grey tones patterned wall tiles

Deco Hannover 59.6×150 (Available in-store)

2. Bring Art to the Kitchen Backsplash

Patterned kitchen tiles add a decorative flourish to the hum drum cooking and cleaning activities. Given the amount of time we spend at the kitchen sink, the backsplash is an obvious area to add some decoration. A patterned tile can also work with a simple or more elaborate tile on the other surfaces.


3. Designer Feature for Living Room Flooring

The tiled finish is becoming increasingly popular in UK living rooms, for good reason. They have unique qualities; tiles are hyper-allergenic, easy to maintain and compatible with underfloor heating. The addition of a contrasting mosaic panel within the centre of this living room completely changes the perception of the space. Additionally, the subtle tones and matching borders are chic and elegant and help organise and furnish the room.


patterned floor tiles creating a carpet effect in a living room

4. Textured Patterned Tiles in a Spa-like Bathroom

A textured patterned tile can radically transform this alcove with a free-standing bath. In particular, the contrast between the white walls and smooth sanitary ware highlights the tile pattern. Conversely, taps and accessories in matching colours avoid distracting from the bathroom’s focal point.


Bathroom artistic patterned tiles wall

Deco Linz 59,6X150 (Available in-store)

5. Design Feature Stair Risers

Be creative with your staircase, add patterned tiles to the vertical risers instead of painted wood. This simple hack transforms the entire stairwell into a decorative installation. Coordinate with the balustrade and handrail to integrate the overall design.


Shelving Area with white and black Patterned Tiles

6. Defining a Shelving Area with Patterned Tiles

The kitchen patterned tiles transform this floating shelf into a captivating designer focal point. It provides an eye-catching backdrop for glass-covered cake pedestals and other decorative elements. The pattern is attractive but simple, showcasing favourite designer pieces, and providing a subtle but luxurious finish.




Trenza Marmi 59.6×150 (Available in-store)

Surfaces: Enhancing Character and Customising Spaces

Patterned tiles are also suitable for more extensive surface areas. In fact, entire walls and complete floors in distinctive designs can add a customised element and character.

We recommend a different approach when covering larger areas with patterned tiles. A more subtle, less elaborate pattern looks better for larger surfaces. Repetitive motifs, a combination of tones and a bespoke layout work well on living room floors for example.


7. Wow Factor Feature Wall Pattern Tiles

The organic-inspired pattern of this gold and yellow marble effect wall tile recalls an artistic wall mural. The book-match design takes up an entire floor-to-ceiling wall. In addition to this, the colour beautifully unifies the timber floor and the contemporary furniture and accessories.


floor-to-ceiling wall with book-match patterned tiles

Massa Bookmatch 59.6×150 (Available in-store)

8. Designer Welcome Entrance Hall

Nothing says welcome like luxurious black and white patterned floor tiles in a mismatched mosaic. Not only is this highly attractive but also practical, hiding scuff marks and dirt at the threshold. This flooring in black and white patterned tiles is surprisingly easy to keep clean and maintain.


Entrance hall with patterned effect floor tiles

9. Stylish Monochrome Patterned Tiles

Art Deco style monochrome pattern marble effect tiles frame these sculptural twin Wash Hand Basins. The contrast with the plain tile of the same colour makes the black-and-white pattern appear even more decorative. Furthermore, the accessories and mirror pick up on the rectilinear geometry of the pattern to add more drama.


bathroom with black and white patterned wall tiles

Cubik Marmi 59.6×150 (Available in-store)

10. Sea Inspired Scallop Patterned Tiles

The same floor and wall tiles can produce great effects, like in this sophisticated bathroom interior. The curved patterned tiles capture the movement and fluid quality of water. Combining the patterned bathroom floor tiles with just a single feature panel draws attention to the layout’s most important elements.


Patterned floor tiles creating a carpet effect zone in the living room

Figure Shell Dark 29.9×29.7 (Available in-store)

11. Carpet Effect Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles can recreate the effect of a carpet or rug with a richly coloured pattern set within the floor. The border tile not only adds a custom design element but also helps frame the tiles within the timber living room floor. Each surface is clearly defined and tailored for the space.


Patterned floor tiles creating a carpet effect zone in the living room

Barcelona B 59.6×59.6 (Available in-store)

Outdoor Oasis: Patterns and Character

The use of patterned tiles in the outdoors adds customised character to garden terraces. Outdoor patterned tiles are familiar to us from the hydraulic tiles so appreciated by the Victorians. Then, they were commonly used for covered entrance porch floors and garden paths with trims to define the grass edge. Today, is no different, patterned floor tiles add character to terraces, paths and fire-pits.


12. Terrace Areas, Pools and Water Features

Convert a garden terrace into an outdoor living room with patterned tiles to liven up weather-proof flooring. Its use helps, for instance, define dining and separate seating areas. Porcelain tiles work well in outdoor conditions because of their high density, resistance to heat differentials and durability.

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