December 17, 2013 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Par-ker, wood-like ceramic shower plate by Systempool

One of the elements which must be present in bathrooms is the shower area, whether it is a bathtub or shower plate. For users who prefer a more practical option, Systempool presents Par-ker, a shower plate made with gelcoat and covered with wood-effect ceramic by the Oxford series by Porcelanosa.

The combination of this type of ceramic flooring with resin has many benefits for bathrooms thanks to its high strength and less than 0.1% water absorption percentage. Furthermore, it also resists chemical agents and antiseptic properties. This Par-ker shower plate helps to prevent and eliminate microbes and bacteria’s from spreading which are usually generated in damp areas, due to constant contact with water.

This shower plate, by the company at PORCELANOSA Group specialised in bathroom equipment, comes in two sizes: 120x80x4.5cm and 140x80x4.5cm, in order to facilitate its installation in all types of bathrooms.

With regard to the finishes, it has three different options for the user to choose which one best fits their personality: Acero, Antracita and Cognac. The surface around the shower plate is matt white which combined with Oxford flooring, creates a very clever and elegant contrast.

If you want to achieve an optimum result, we recommend sealing the Par-ker shower plate with adhesive material by Butech, or a filler which is especially recommended for damp environments which must be applied to the joints.

Both the quality and ingenious design of the Par-ker shower plate has allowed PORCELANOSA Group to offer new options for bathrooms to make them a space full of style and high technical benefits. A perfect combination to make your shower moments truly pleasurable.

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