June 27, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Par-Ker Forest, ecological ceramic with a chromatic richness

The Porcelanosa ceramic parquet has the DAPCONS environmental certificate.

Aesthetic and sustainability blend into a piece made of 95% recycled material which emits up to 40% less CO2 in its manufacturin.

Porcelanosa is committed to sustainability with Par-Ker ceramic parquet, a material that has 95% of recycled material. Its finish is inspired by nature and it reveals detailed traces of wood.

This respect for the environment is present in the Par-Ker Forest floor tile and wall tile collection and this is included in the DAPCONS program. An initiative formed by those product and building material companies that maintain a firm commitment to sustainability and the environment.

40% less CO2

The Forest collection is made with the ceramic waste that is generated during the manufacturing process in Porcelanosa.

The quality and innovation presented by the PORCELANOSA Grupo products pay tribute to the essence of nature through an advanced material recovery in technological matters. A chromatic range variety in continuous regeneration.

Forest can emit up to 40% less CO2 in its production. A feature that helps reduce the impact on the environment. Its careful aesthetic, based on the roots of wood, makes it the perfect solution for projects which respect the environment.

Natural resistance

The value of Forest blends with the practicality of the Par-Ker porcelain tile. A product without maintenance that has a high resistance to heat, sunlight and average traffic. Its anti-slip, and the conservation of the colour against natural phenomena, make this the preferred choice for outdoors and indoors. It is fire resistant and it is suitable for radiant heating, too.

Par-Ker Forest is ecology and design in one piece. Environmental and aesthetic awareness.

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