January 6, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Par-Ker ceramic parquet, the secret to unalterable outdoor flooring

One of the most important aspects when building and decorating an outdoor space is selecting flooring and coverings which are unaltered by water, moisture and extreme weather conditions. They must be resistant to the contrasts between direct sunlight and the cold of winter.

In all aspects, wood is one of the most sought after finishes for this type of atmosphere, thanks to the warmth and sensation of wellbeing and tranquillity that it conveys. This atmosphere can be obtained through the original ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa, Par-Ker. It is a porcelain tile for flooring and coverings which recreates the tones, forms and veining of wood, with the resistance and inalterability of ceramic.

It is a perfect solution for projects and homes with a notably sustainable character. The production process of Par-Ker forms part of Eco-Project, an initiative which embodies the environmental commitment of the company through a production process which is environmentally friendly, through the recovery of waste, purification of water, reduction of atmospheric emissions and proper energy management.

 Why to use Par-Ker for exteriors

  • Its ceramic properties allow projects with a natural aesthetic to be designed outdoors, including in wet areas such as swimming pools.
  • The application of nanotechnology in production allows flooring with anti-slip properties to be created, obtaining a high slip resistance coefficient.
  • Par-Ker is notable for its resistance and durability. It is unaltered by the sun and low temperatures and has exceptional performance in extreme weather conditions.
  • It allows endless aesthetic possibilities with textures, colours and nuances inspired by natural wood.
  • Par-Ker can be used in outdoor kitchens and barbeques, as its pieces are totally fire resistant and can be installed in any space without the risk of fire.
  • Thanks to its low porosity and high resistance to chemical agents, it does not require demanding maintenance or care.

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