January 4, 2021


Paonazzo Biondo, XTONE's most sophisticated and artistic marble

The pieces in this collection appear to be hand-cut and reproduce the natural marble shine through their golden and caramel veins.

Inspired by classical marble and Renaissance palaces, the collection Paonazzo Biondo by XTONE modernises the use of this natural stone, giving it greater sophistication through its golden, caramel, sage and merlot veins.

The subtlety of ivory joins XTONE

With an ivory imitation surface, the pieces in this series turn walls and floors into an artistic canvas through their refined image and brightness. Available in two finishes (Polished and Silk), this collection can be used as a flooring, cladding or countertop in its different formats (120 cm x 120 cm, 120 cm x 250 cm, 150 cm x 300 cm and 154 cm x 328 cm) and thicknesses (6 mm and 12 mm).

Its different colour combinations allow you to make a Book Match with up to 4 pieces, making each space more airy.

XTone Paonazzo Biondo+Oxide Grey Urbatek Porcelanosa-1

Bookmatch Paonazzo

With its brown, white and coppery tones, this series can be complemented with vintage furniture, glass or metal hanging lamps and velvety or neutral textiles.

Paonazzo Biondo represents the evolution of XTONE through its distinguished design and composition. Its resistance to extreme temperatures, blows or chemicals is complemented by its sustainability (100% recyclable), cleanliness and impermeability.

Paonazzzo Biondo Silk Urbatek

A specifications list that enhances the aesthetics of spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens or lounges where enhanced design is sought without compromising the safety of each area.

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