20 January 2021


XPS Concept panels, maximum security for worktops and bathrooms

Butech, a PORCELANOSA Group company, has developed an extruded polystyrene panel that improves thermal insulation and optimises ceramic tile and bathroom furniture installation.

To optimise ceramic tile installation and make every project safer, PORCELANOSA Group company Butech has developed XPS Concept panels, applying the latest technology and the most exacting technical controls on the market.

Multifunctionality and adaptability to any surface

Constructed in extruded polystyrene and coated with an improved cement and fibreglass mortar, Concept XPS panels are defined by water resistance, thermal insulation and excellent performance as a ceramic tile base.

Suitable for use on walls, floors, worktops and bathroom furniture, the panels can be placed on a surface prior to laying any type of ceramic tiles, and have been specially designed for larger spaces and damp areas.

Advantages of the XPS Concept panel

This is a new installation material that is particularly innovative when compared with other construction materials for the following reasons:

  • Lightweight: The lightweight composition optimises transport and installation times. It also keeps the support weight to a minimum in renovations with a specific capacity.
  • Quick installation: The installation system saves time on creating construction elements and preparing the base.
  • Improved cleanliness: Concept XPS reduces waste, generates less dust and allows for the easy removal of waste without any need for a skip.
  • Versatility: It facilitates the construction of elements that would otherwise be more complicated to manufacture. This is the case with shower trays, bathroom furniture and bath panels.
  • Thermal insulation. Polystyrene is one of the best construction materials for thermal insulation.
  • Water resistant: Unlike gypsum plasterboard, XPS panels resist moisture and are not sensitive to coming into contact with water.
  • Strengthen ceramic tiles: The panels improve ceramic tile installation, making them easier to install on surfaces such as worktops or bathroom furniture.

The many uses of XPS Concept panels

Designed for the installation of tiles, ceramic panels and natural stone mosaics (up to 60 kg/m2), XPS Concept panels are more water resistant, have zero capillarity, and can be used in:

  • Kitchen worktops and bathroom furniture.
  • Bases for ceramic tile installation.
  • Bath panels and shower cabins.
  • Internal partitions in bathrooms and elevated platforms.
  • Health resorts, Turkish baths and spa facilities.
  • Shelves, alcoves and panels attached to partitions.
  • Flooring with electric underfloor heating.

XPS bath detailed view

XPS panel

The XPS Concept panel can also be used with some PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections. For example, the sintered mineral compact XTONE, mosaics from L'Antic Colonial and wall-mounted toilets by Noken.

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