June 20, 2019

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Take the living room outside and get the best of summer

Summertime is just around the corner, and that’s why we want to give you some ideas to get the most from your outdoor space during this time of the year. However, as we know that sunny weather does not last long in the UK, we propose you some covered terraces, perfect for replicating the feel of a living area outside. Discover them below and choose the one that best matches your tastes and needs.

Fresh outdoor living room

The terrace of this two-volume conceptual house, designed by the architect Antonio Altarriba, is destined to become the centre of the owners’ social life. The covered part of the terrace has a large L-shaped sofa and a table that can accommodate eight people at a time, perfect for inviting friends and family to a summer birthday, cocktail party and more.

Credit: @antonio_altarriba

Wonderful terrace with views

Can you imagine anything better than going out for lunch, dinner or even for a drink on a terrace with views? Imagine now being able to do all of these things in your own home every single day. That is to say, to be able to have breakfast seeing the sunrise or have a cup of coffee enjoying the extraordinary landscape. This nordic-style house, designed by the Saz Arquitectos studio, shows that it is not just a dream, but reality. Its covered terrace has a panoramic view of the valley that is simply breathtaking.

Credit: @sazarquitectos

Large summer pavilion

The Raul García studio is responsible for this minimal-styled structure located among olive trees. The aim of this pavilion was becoming the main focus of activity during the summer months. For this reason, it is equipped with an open concept kitchen and dining room, and an area for bathrooms and changing rooms. Everything you need to make the most of your summertime.

Credit: @raulgarcia_studio

Outdoor entertaining space for all year round

This awesome outdoor entertaining space, designed by Tiffany McKinzie, is prepared for all seasons and conditions,  as it has a big ceiling fan to help with summer heat and a fireplace to warm the cold winter days and nights. A perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the outdoor spaces of their home year-round.

Credit: @tiffanymckinzie
Outdoor zone by @tiffanymckinzie
Credit: @tiffanymckinzie


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