25 March 2021


Orobico Dark, a fresh take on Arabescato

Urbatek has expanded its XTONE® range with a new collection inspired by this natural marble, with dark veins and shades that can be used to unite walls and floors under the same design.

The XTONE® brand by Urbatek has perfected its use and look with the Orobico Dark collection.. Presented at the latest Porcelanosa virtual fair, this series takes its inspiration from Arabescato marble, echoing its look with a diffuse arrangement of gold and grey veins interlinked with white and brown ones.



XTone Orobico Dark Polished Urbatek Porcelanosa-1

Interiors converted into art galleries

Orobico Dark lends a sense of refinement, converting spaces into art galleries in its polished finish (Pulido).

The versatility, resistance and high technical performance of the tiles makes them perfect for creating seamless joins between floors and walls, and they're available in 150 cm x 300 cm format with a 6 mm thickness and landscape design, making them suitable for creating furniture, washbasins or tables with a distinctive and original edge.


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