March 15, 2022


Get a unique look in the bedroom with open fitted wardrobes by Gamadecor

The PORCELANOSA Group brand offers a range of fitted wardrobes with sliding doors to load your room with space and design credentials.

Integrating your wardrobe into your bedroom – whether you go for sliding doors or a more open design – is one of the latest trends in interiors. This type of layout will give your room a more balanced feel, thanks to the open structure and excellent storage capacity. Gamadecor offers a range of modular wardrobes to achieve the bright and orderly bedroom look and bring design and functionality to any space. Let’s take a look at some tips for designing your own designer dressing area.

Open wood and glass dressing area

Turning your dressing area into an additional room is something you can achieve with the Nogal Moon range by Gamadecor, designed in natural wood and featuring large drawers.

The PORCELANOSA Group brand offers made-to-measure wardrobes with open shelves, wardrobes with sliding doors and modular shelves that usher in light and give you the option to categorise your clothing. If you want your bedroom to appear larger and more spacious, locate your wardrobe to the side of the bed, behind it or position it at a right angle, creating a harmonious layout that will make the room feel bigger.

When you’re organising your wardrobe, it’s always advisable to place the clothes you wear most towards the top. Hang shirts, jackets or trousers on the bars at the top of the wardrobe, and put shoes or accessories (underwear, socks, ties) at the bottom. We recommend using automatic or LED lighting in the dressing area and inside your wardrobe to give you a better view of the garments inside.

Diaphanous dressing rooms with glass doors

Featuring adjustable bars and glass doors, Gamadecor’s Emotions E7 dressing rooms bring light and aesthetic coherence to bedrooms. The set of drawers in natural wood divides the unit into two zones (upper and lower), whilst the symmetrical shelves give you the perfect space for every item of clothing. These models stand out for their aesthetic coherence, namely the black tones (profile) and customisable shelves.

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