January 19, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Ocean and Pacific ceramics from Venis. An elegant blend of textures

Paying homage to authenticity of classic interior design and the strong presence of both elegance and refinement, the firm from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, Venis, presents two of its latest collections in ceramic material: The Ocean series along with its very own complement, Pacific.

Although both designs are presented apart with a high dosage of exclusivity, Ocean and Pacific are conceived in order to be installed together, like a symbiotic, capable of decorating both the most demanding and peculiar interior design spaces. Being so complimentary to one and other, Ocean and Pacific are in fact so different, and at the same time unique, just like how the mix of graphic styles blended into each one of their pieces, from marble and stone, to concrete or metal.

Whereas with Ocean, Venis performs a tribute to the authenticity of natural stone with its fully natural polished matt finish, Pacific, ceramic wall tiles decorated with a surface that emulates textile material, acting like a cutting edge alternative to wall coverings or painted paper. The main advantage is that both are able to maintain both the quality and high performance with regard to the ceramic material, whilst enjoying not only a very high resistance but also durability and easy-cleaning. It is because of this that they can act as a coating in very demanding spaces, as it is in the case of bathrooms.

Following the trends in interior design and going after cosiness and warmth, both the Ocean and Pacific collections from Venis are available in three different colours: beige, lime and natural. Ocean can be installed as a covering or ceramic floor tile in a: 33,3×100 cm and a: 59,6×59,6 cm format, respectively, whereas Pacific presents its cover design in a 33,3x100cm format.

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