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Porcelanosa on show at Obra Blanca, a prelude to Mexico's month of design

Porcelanosa presented its architecture and interior design proposals and solutions to the Mexican market at the Obra Blanca Expo (OBE) 2023 trade fair from 10-12 October

Now in its fourth edition, Obra Blanca has become a showcase of innovation in architecture and interior design in Mexico. Leading national and international suppliers of ceramics, bathroom equipment, natural stone and lighting gathered at the annual exhibition, spanning more than 21,000 square metres.

Porcelanosa's presence at Obra Blanca cements its position in the Mexican market, paving the way for a series of design and architecture events the company will be participating in Mexico over the coming weeks.

Porcelanosa at Obra Blanca 23


The Porcelanosa stand was an Obra Blanca highlight, with 450 square metres of displays showcasing the various brands' most cutting-edge designs. Guests were welcomed to a space evoking a high-end hotel, featuring different areas including a reception, lounge and cocktail bar, as well as several suites and even a market space.

Over the course of three days, Porcelanosa Hotel guests enjoyed live music and a host of other activities. Chef Miguel Sánchez Navarro of Cardo Experiencia Culinaria hosted a fabulous culinary demonstration including wine-pairings and a workshop on regenerative agriculture with teas and infusions, from Fénix Farms.

Visitors also got the chance to experience an immersive sensory space that stirred up all the senses. In the space, the professionals became the epicentre of design - the fifth element - channelling their creative potential to shape tangible spaces that redefine the spaces we inhabit. This inspiring and transformational experience reinforced the key role architects and designers play in connecting us with the world around us.

Upcoming events: design and architecture under the spotlight

Porcelanosa's presence at Obra Blanca is just the start of a series of fixtures on the company's calendar in Mexico. Over the coming weeks, Porcelanosa will also take part in two prominent events in the world of design and architecture in Mexico: 10 de 10 and Design Week Mexico.

Porcelanosa initiative 10 de 10 set a challenge to 10 architecture and interior design studios in Mexico. They were asked to conceive spaces that transcend design, creating unique experiences. The results will be exhibited in the brand's showrooms in the country.

The projects from the third edition of this initiative will be presented on 25 October. It aims to highlight the importance of the connection between design and our everyday experiences of spaces, exploring how materials can create settings that transport us both emotionally and through the senses.

The following studios are taking part in the current edition of 10 de 10: Bos-Ke Arquitectura y Construcción, Pair Arquitectura, Vmc Arquitectura, Trazo, Lunar Estudio, O Arquitectura + Interiores, Maka Arquitectura, Ladan Arquitectos, Iarkitektura and Pava Atelier.


Porcelanosa Mexico 10de10


Design Week Mexico is a leading annual event that brings together designers, architects, artists and industry professionals to celebrate and promote the many manifestations of design, from architecture and interior design to graphic design and fashion.

Porcelanosa is participating in the fifteenth Design Week Mexico from 10 October to 5 November, sponsoring Design House, a DWM headliner. The theme for 2023 is 'The new Mexican house', boasting 27 spaces designed by more than 30 of the country's architecture and interior design firms.

Porcelanosa's involvement in the events bolsters its commitment to Mexican architecture and collaboration with renowned industry professionals.

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