February 7, 2022


Oak and natural stone inspire new collections by Porcelanosa

The firm has introduced ceramic floor and wall tiles with more refined finishes, recreating the textures of Nordic wood, cement and muslin fabrics.

Organic textures and relief tiles are gaining ground in new collections by Porcelanosa. The Spanish firm has perfected its designs with ultra-realistic graphics and finishes based on oak and natural stone. This new generation of rectified porcelain stoneware includes Vermont and Fulham, two additions to the PAR-KER® range, new for this year.

From Dutch forests to artisan fabrics

Vermont floor tiles measure 25 cm x 150 cm and 16 cm x 150 cm, and each shade - Siena Acero, Arce and Nogal - takes clear inspiration from ancient oak. Fulham, meanwhile, takes us to the forests of Belgium and the Netherlands, echoing their texture and colours in every shade - Arce, Gris, Roble and Brown.

They come in a 16 cm x 150 cm format with customisable design options: use the Royal Arce-Gris and Royal Roble-Brown herringbone wall tiles as an accent for Fulham tiles and create your own ecosystem brimming with light and harmony.

Rectified wall tiles are another proposal being put forward by Porcelanosa for 2022. The Gasa collection (59.6 cm x 150 cm) falls under this line, with a coarse surface that evokes the feel of handcrafted muslin with a hint of concrete. They come in Bone, Steel, Topo and Moka finishes and are complemented by the Deco Gasa Bone-Acero and Deco Gasa Topo-Moka accent tiles. Similarly, Newark (59.6 cm x 150 cm) wall tiles feature a striped relief design that echoes natural stone in Bone, Acero, Silver, Topo and Moka.

Solidker, the new full-body porcelain

The brand's innovation and design endeavours have led it to research more resistant and versatile products: properties embodied by Solidker full-body technical porcelain (the various layers of the tile are all formed of the same raw material). Making a debut to the public at the latest Cersaie trade show, two new collections have been added to the range: Dakota and Seattle. Each comes in three shades and non-slip finishes.

Seattle is shaped by the contrasts and durability of concrete. The 120 cm x 120 cm or 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm granulated floor tiles comes in three colours: Grey, Sand and Topo, and are a great fit for all manner of projects.

Dakota, is an altogether different style, with a surface that replicates the light of natural quartzite in each of its three tones: Grey, Sand and Black, and formats (120 cm x 120 cm and 59.6 cm x 120 cm). Brimming with contrasts and soft highlights, this collection stands out for the relief effect it lends to floors, walls and façades.

Both series work well with the Stratos line, made up of Treno, Loft, Dijon and Gallery tiles. These collections feature a flecked aesthetic, and come in two formats: 120 cm x 120 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm. The graphics reproduce French stone or Venetian terrazzo, and the collections can be used to enhance any space, blurring the boundaries between zones with an infinite, uninterrupted design.

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