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Noken adds the perfect finishing touches to its bathroom fixtures and fittings with Finish Studio and Touchless solutions

The PORCELANOSA Group firm presents its key innovations at the Porcelanosa Exhibition, promoting customised design with pieces that blend perfectly with their surroundings.

Noken (PORCELANOSA Group) proposes state-of-the-art, practical bathrooms at its New Product Exhibition, on until 30 June at its main stores in Spain and Portugal.

Equipamientos más inteligentes e higiénicos con tecnología Touchless, acabados naturales y artísticos con la estética Finish Studio o griferías sostenibles como Oxo son algunas de las propuestas más llamativas de la firma para la temporada 2021-2022.

Artistic finishes with Finish Studio

Noken’s Finish Studio finishes further refine the design of their bathroom pieces. This incredibly artistic colour treatment encompasses the full range of tones and textures, adding a second skin to taps, washbasins, baths, shower trays and toilets to make them blend perfectly into the setting. 

Their Round Inox taps are available with this special aesthetic, in Brushed Stainless Steel, Brushed Copper and Brushed Titanium (Finish Studio), featuring a detachable shower head and swivel shaft which marry perfectly with open-plan industrial kitchens.

The Slender washbasins are equally outstanding. This ceramic piece will add an elegant feel to the bathroom, painted by hand to echo natural stone.

Bridge Negro kitchen taps Noken Porcelanosa
Bridge Negro kitchen taps Noken
Round Inox kitchen taps Noken Porcelanosa-1.jpg
Round Inox kitchen taps Noken
Bridge kitchen taps Noken
Bridge Slim Cobre kitchen taps Noken Porcelanosa
Bridge Slim Cobre kitchen taps Noken
Round Inox kitchen taps Noken Porcelanosa-3.jpg
Round Inox kitchen taps Noken
Bridge Titanium kitchen taps Noken Porcelanosa
Bridge Titanium kitchen taps Noken
Round Inox kitchen taps Noken

Oxo: minimalism and sustainability for the bathroom 

Winner of the IF Design Award and Green Good Design in the Green Product Design category thanks to their sustainable composition, Oxo bathroom taps’ cold start mechanism (maximum 5L/min) promotes responsible water consumption, and the temperature control fosters energy savings.

The taps’ refined lines and metallic finishes (Chrome, Brushed Titanium and Matt Black) transform bathrooms into state-of-the-art spaces, with the added plus of resistance and functionality.

Noken Touchless collection

Digital and hygienic solutions

Noken has developed a range of technological solutions (I-Smart) to improve bathroom hygiene and safety, including sensor taps, toilets, cistern flushing systems, smart mirrors and hand sanitising gel dispensers.

Designed for public and private spaces, pieces from this range feature automatic flushing systems (touchless toilets and cisterns) and urinal flush valves which improve the user experience and make for healthier bathrooms overall.

The same values run through the Acro Compact I-Smart Toilet by Noken, a smart solution with auto-control technology and two cleansing programmes (front and rear) with the option to adjust the water temperature and choose from five drying levels. The ergonomic, heated seat can be adapted to the user’s needs, and all functions can be controlled using the remote or the control panel on the toilet itself.

Acro Compact I-Smart toilet Noken

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