August 2, 2021


Nourish and protect your skin this summer with our Noken Care treatment

The PORCELANOSA Group brand has been researching the effects of water on the body, and has distilled all its benefits into a new oxygen micro-bubbles programme.

Skin care is important. And even more so in summer, when the sun's rays, high temperatures, chlorine in swimming pools and saltpetre in the sea can irritate the skin and accelerate ageing.

To reverse these effects and prevent your skin from drying out, bathroom firm Noken (PORCELANOSA Group) has researched the benefits water has on the body and distilled all of its nutritional elements into Noken Care, a Wellness treatment that uses oxygen micro-bubbles to revitalize the skin.

An additive-free solution that regenerates the skin

A new technology designed for physical wellbeing that can be incorporated into baths including their Tono, Liem, SP One XL, Minimal XL and Soleil designs. "We've enriched the water with oxygen to achieve a 100% pure, additive-free solution that stimulates cellular metabolism and hydrates the skin in the bath in just 20 minutes. The system increases the body's collagen levels and replaces dead cells with new ones", explains a Noken representative.

Tono bath - Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms

With Noken Care, the serotonin the effect of the bubbles generates reduces wrinkles, at the same time as making the skin softer and brighter.

The increase in this neurotransmitter stabilises and improves sleeping times and cognitive functions in users. "At Noken, we put user comfort before aesthetics, through our innovative, sustainable and efficient collections. This high-tech solution captures this ethos. Everyday activities as simple as having a bath become a sensory ritual, encouraging us to take a pause, listen to our bodies and feel the benefits of self-care", stresses the brand.

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