May 9, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Nk Clean, smart futuristic sanitaryware

The ultimate expression of this technology for the bathroom is in the Forma Rimless wall-hung toilet.

Its intelligent design prevents water from splashing when it is discharged.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms opts for functional and intelligent options that make daily routines easier. This is the case with Nk Clean, technology for the toilet that, through two water outlets inside the bowl, improves the hygiene and cleanliness of the equipment.

Futuristic hygiene

Its intelligent design prevents water splashing when it is discharged, and the absence of top flange improves cleaning tasks. Its internal shape allows the water to come out fast and symmetrically on both sides, making a complete 360º course, postulating itself as the future model for the cleaning of home.

Toilets and other Noken pieces are made with Noken Ceramic®. A sanitary ceramic of high quality, whiteness and resistance, whose raw material is selected after an exhausted internal control. The material, hypoallergenic, remains unaltered by the non-porous vitrification achieved during the treatment.

Efficiency and practicality

The ultimate expression of this bathroom technology is in the Forma Rimless wall-hung toilet.

Its simple lines are focused on convenience and user comfort, without ever forgetting about the ECO- friendly design.

The Essence-C collection, recently showcased at the 25th International Exhibition, will also incorporate Nk Clean in its compact version.

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