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The bathroom niche: a practical and stylish feature

Meet the bathroom niche, a visually light solution that keeps your bathroom tidy

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the home, as well as the most private. Fitting a niche is a great way of maximising storage space and adding style to your shower or bath area.

Here are some of the benefits of a bathroom niche:

- Improved storage space: One of the main advantages of having a niche in the shower is the additional storage. You could use it to store toiletries, towels and more.
- Optimise your space: If you've got a small bathroom, fitting a shower niche makes the most of the space you have. It stops your surfaces from getting cluttered with toiletries and makes for a more convenient, functional bathroom
- Decoration: A shower niche elevates the look of your space and makes it more personal, adding a touch of style and originality to the area. You could add some integrated lighting to take your shower niche design up a notch.
- Functionality: shower niches are incredibly practical. You can use them for things like soap or sponges, giving you easy access from the shower or bath, or more decorative items like scented candles to get that coveted spa look.
- Easy access: Niches are ideal for storing your everyday products because they're installed in the wall at just the right height.

Bathroom niche with integrated LED lighting

Bathroom niches with lighting are guaranteed to add a sleek look and functionality to your bathroom. You can use LED lighting to showcase the items inside.

Backlit bathroom niches are particularly useful for anyone who wants to keep their toiletries and self-care products perfectly organised and within reach. The lighting makes things more visible and accessible - no more rifling through bathroom drawers.

Various bathroom niche designs are suitable for LED, recessed lighting or accent lighting; fully customised to suit your bathroom style and the needs of the people using it.

Shower niche

We recommend installing your niche inside the shower/bath area to make products more accessible. Having said that, avoid spaces where there is a lot of direct water flow - you don't want to encourage a build-up of water and potential damp. This will make it much easier to clean and maintain. Plus, you need to keep some distance between the niche and taps.

Here are some of our suggestions for designing and decorating your shower niche:

  • Plants: If you want to add a fresh and natural feel to your bathroom, plants are hard to beat. It's important to choose the right ones: go for types that like the humidity, such as ivy or ferns. As well as being decorative, they help to purify the air and reduce humidity in the room.
  • Using a niche for storage: Niches are ideal for storing everyday items like towels, toiletries or toilet roll. Use baskets or boxes if you want to keep things even more orderly.
  • Add decorative objects: place items such as vases or reed diffusers in your niche to draw the eye to that area in particular. And always make sure your decorative objects tie in with the interior design scheme.
  • Contrast: Use ceramic tiles in different colours, textures or patterns to create a mosaic effect. Personality and character come guaranteed.
  • Add some shelves: If your bathroom niche is tall and/or wide, you could add shelves inside for even more storage capacity.
  • Create a spa at home: scented candles, essential oils and soft towels will give the room and warm and welcoming ambience; ideal for a relaxing bath.
  • Install a mirror: Placing a mirror inside the niche will add depth and a sense of spaciousness. A mirror also makes your bathroom feel brighter.

Ultimately, fitting a bath or shower niche is a great way of adding style and functionality to your space. Plants and decorative objects will elevate your bathroom décor scheme, resulting in a welcoming, functional and comfortable space.

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