February 28, 2024



Innovation in XTONE’s new large-format porcelain tile collections

The new large-format porcelain tile collections reproduce the appearance of marble, wood and cement with excellent realism.

The most innovative decorative techniques, used in the large format porcelain tile production plant, enhance the aesthetics of the new XTONE designs. On the occasion of the 30th Porcelanosa International Exhibition, the firm has renovated its showroom, a conceptual and organic space designed to seduce the senses.

Matter metamorphosis, natural textures

The XTONE showroom has a new look. The space presents a totally different concept to its traditional design and structure. For this, the collection Bianco Lasa is the protagonist, serving as a guiding thread to get to know the novelties in 2024. The result: a more experiential, organic and innovative space.

The starting point of the renovated space is the hall, which envelops the visitor. Through a play of lights, sounds, images and textures, the user enters a world of sensory experiences. Each of the rooms is conceived and designed to create unique experiences through large-format ceramic pieces. In this way, XTONE achieve material textures, bringing the beauty of noble and natural materials closer to the user.

New XTONE showroom.

Bianco Lasa

This collection is inspired by the texture of marble from the heart of the Dolomites. The subtle vertical brushstrokes in shades of cream and beige highlight the purest state of nature. The enveloping design and absolute elegance of Bianco Lasa creates a sense of stability and balance in spaces.


Inspired by the waterproof lime cladding technique of Marrakech, Tadelakt brings depth and minimalism to rooms. The Eclipse technology used in the production process takes this Moroccan technique to a new dimension. The result is a look that reproduces the silky texture of the original material. The two shades of this cement-effect collection, Sand and Smoke, add a modern and shiny touch.

Calacatta Viola

This classic marble is reinvented in a new version that shows its veins in the most faithful way. The distinguished and vibrant design of Calacatta Viola brings character, being one of the best large format porcelain tile collections. At the same time, the extension of the veins and its neoclassical style uniformly dress the environments.

Kitchen clad with XTONE Bianco Lasa and XTONE Terre Greige flooring.

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Pietra Grey

Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, fine, subtle white veins run through the background. The collection showcases marble with an elegant, even tone. The stunning design of Pietra Grey is elevated to the highest level with Comet technology, which applies sparkles to the surface. This gives it a grandiose and exceptional character.


A versatile design that brings naturalness to the most classic spaces, and majesty to the most minimalist and modern spaces. ELE is the most faithful representation of chestnut wood. The Eclipse technology imprints greater realism on the pieces, reflecting the characteristic grooves of the wood. In this way, the new collection of XTONE becomes a perfect copy of nature.

Living room with XTONE Calacatta Viola bathtub and XTONE Pietra Grey details.

Matter, textures and biophilia

The new large format porcelain tile collections, inspired by marble, wood and cement permeate the novelties of XTONE. In addition, the firm is renovating its showroom, moving towards a conceptual format, to show the public the great versatility of large-format porcelain tiles. This space aims to be an invitation to creativity, a world without limits where imagination is the main tool for each project.

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