February 4, 2022


Innovation comes first in PORCELANOSA Group’s latest designs

The Spanish multinational launches its new collections with more natural finishes and technological solutions to suit any project or space.

With an eye on current shifts and trends in functionality and wellness in interior design, PORCELANOSA Group has successfully combined innovation and sustainability in its new designs.

Design and technology for better lives

The Spanish multinational has recently launched its latest collections with efficiency and competitiveness as priorities, to help professionals and improve architecture with bespoke experiences. “Our investment in R&D&I and ongoing dialogue with architects and interior designers have led us to explore new material formulas and uses, meaning we’re placing a priority on the quality and practicality of each product, rather than the merely aesthetic”, states a company representative.

The concept of bringing design, technology and usability together comes across throughout its seven companies’ main showrooms, which will be home to new room schemes and uses of materials in the months to come.

Solidker, the full-body porcelain of the future

Solidker full-body technical porcelain is a standout innovation from Porcelanosa. It’s the first full-body solution that uses the same raw material from the surface through the whole of the tile body, and benefits from an extremely low level of water absorption (≤ 0.2%).
The Dakota and Seattle series are these type of floor tiles, made for large-scale projects. The customisable design comes in three neutral tones (Grey, Sand and Black) and various formats (120 cm x 120 cm and 59.6 cm x 120 cm), and is inspired by ultra-sophisticated quartzite. The collection will elevate the look of your room and make it safer too, thanks to the relief and non-slip properties.

The neutral colours of Seattle tiles – Grey, Sand and Topo – combined with the cement textures and balanced colour palette, will lend a sense of style to spaces. These two series can also be used to complement the Stratos range (the most highly-recommended technical porcelain for demanding projects, featuring flecks running through the tile body).

Finishes inspired by wood and stone

rectified porcelain stoneware will also be taking a prominent position in many of the firm’s room schemes. These include oak-inspired Vermont tiles in a matte finish (Siena, Acero, Arce and Nogal) in 25 cm x 150 cm and 16 cm x 150 cm formats.

Fulham floor tiles share the same aesthetic, available in a 16 cm x 150 cm format that marks a return to Belgian and Dutch wood in each finish: Arce, Gris, Roble and Brown. To bolster this natural feel, you could incorporate Porcelanosa’s Royal Arce-Gris or Royal Roble-Brown accent tiles in a chevron format.

The new rectified single-fired tiles the brand will be promoting this year (from a perspective of their versatility and craftsmanship) include the minimalist, cement-look Gasa (59.6 cm x 150 cm textured wall tile) and Newark (59.6 cm x 150 cm wall tile) with a striped relief that mimics natural stone and lends a sense of dynamism to walls.

Digitisation comes to Gamadecor kitchens

In terms of next-generation kitchens and bathrooms, Gamadecor has introduced smart digital solutions to make users’ lives easier. This is true of the brand’s Smart Kitchen model, incorporating XTONE®, natural stone or granite worktops and working areas with integrated inductive appliances (no cables or batteries).

With a versatile design conceived especially for indoor or outdoor spaces, Offroad Kitchen wood and aluminium kitchens represent a major step forward in terms of functionality and storage. The wall-mounted bathroom furnishings also bring this objective to life: Play, Stage, Up, Corner, Wish and Mega and Fushion cabinets, made in eco-friendly wood, Krion® countertops, and aluminium frames.

Another category Gamadecor has added to is home furnishings, with new designer sofas (Fold, Stripes, Seems) and relaxing armchairs with bespoke upholstery (Fluffy and Wings). Minimalist structures and geometric forms, meanwhile, dominate their coffee table range (Zig-Zag, Hexagonal and Feel).

With a firm eye on sustainable and practical design, KRION® has perfected its Luxury colour series, introducing two solutions for the hotel and catering industry: Nebula White and Nebula Vanilla in a 3680 mm x 760 mm x 12 mm sheet format, featuring soft strokes, curved gold veins, and subtle forms.

Metallic mosaics and signature washbasins

L’Antic Colonial meanwhile, has focused its interior design and architecture proposals on signature collections, with metallic mosaics (Metal Acero, Anthracite Triangles y Metal Bronze Triangles) formed of 3D tiles and bright tesserae with a gloss finish. In terms of exclusive and natural bathrooms, the firm has successfully combined stone and wood with its Motif washbasins and mirrors. These in turn work well with their Skins Wallpaper (non-woven fabrics) and large format vinyl cladding.

Industrialised construction is another key commitment from the company. This is the concept behind new products from Butech for kitchens (Monokitchen), bathrooms (Monobath) and offices (Office Garden). Other solutions targeted towards contemporary architecture include Thic’ker ceramic tiles, Pro-part Antique Gold and Anthracite decorative profiles, and cantilevered staircase systems.

For bathrooms loaded with charm and personality, Noken has introduced sensory designs with the Finish Studio aesthetic, compatible with Essence C Compact washbasins in nine colours, signature Lignage taps designed by architect Ramón Esteve, winner of the Best Design Award at the 2019 IF Design Awards, Lounge toilets with a new matte black and white look, and Round pieces in a brushed gold finish.

In the furnishings category, the company presents its Forma collection with vibrant new finishes such as Merlot red, Forest green and Almond beige.
Aiming to promote the efficient use of energy and natural resources, the company has designed touchless flushes and taps (Round). with sensors and I-Smart technology that enable users to tailor the amount of water and soap they use.

Healthy settings with hints of the exotic

The landscapes and colours of nature served as a starting point for Blue Roma and Montreal, the new collections from XTONE®. Copper veins reach across the sky blue base of the surface, in the first blue quartzite collection, lending a strong visual appeal to any type of project. Likewise, the limestone selected for Montreal will turn any space into an art gallery, with beige hues that usher in the natural light.

Invisible White, Marquina Black, Astana Grey Orobico Grigio and Emerald Green porcelain collections have an altogether bolder, more exotic aesthetic. The marble-look graphics of Emerald Green combine sophistication and simplicity through grey, brown or ‘greige’ tones that will enhance any space.

“We’ve worked consistently alongside all the brands in our group to design spaces that encourage us to think about and imagine ever-more welcoming, healthier environments. Porcelanosa‘s goal is to provide the tools and resources necessary for members and associates to carry out their projects with complete freedom and confidence” explains a PORCELANOSA Group source.

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