February 23, 2024



New from Butech: site-made showers and industrialised construction

Technical solutions enhance the aesthetics of ceramics on façades and site-built showers

Sustainability and contemporary design come together in Butech to propose novelties in built-in showers and modular façades. The firm presents new grating systems, drainage and joint models.

Butech Shower Deck n System.

Shower design

Built-in showers are one of the main trends in bathrooms. Their integration into the floor, accessibility and safety are a perfect combination of design and practicality. Butech presents new technical solutions for the designs, while maintaining the waterproofing and drainage functions.

The shower tray with concealed drain Shower Deck n adapts to ceramic collections with reduced thickness. Thus, the system can be used with the 8.5 mm PORCELANOSA models, and XLIGHT with only 6 mm. Furthermore, Butech presents the new Shower Line drainage system, which is hidden from view. The drainage is achieved through an open joint between the floor and the wall.

Shower Line, by Butech.

Butech proposes the Eco Linear Grating Kit for classic shower trays. This waterproofing system has a smaller width -just over 5 cm of grating- than the conventional one. It is available in four steel finishes, Chrome, Square, Line and Matt Black. At the same time, a reversible model is presented with two finishes: Texture or Revestible, with the same material as the rest of the shower tray.

The installation of the Eco Linear Grating Kit reduces the visual impact of the drainage system. It is complemented with the Imperband Eco waterproof sheet for interiors, which is compatible with ceramic tile installation materials. It stands out for its sustainable composition, with 70% recycled fibres.

In the same line, the firm has extended the range of Colorstuk Rapid joints for shower trays and wet areas. These new colours are water resistant(Ash, Maple, Beech, Elm, Oak, Iroko and Doussie).

ButechEco Matt Black Linear Grille Kit.

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New industrialised façade model

Industrialisation is presented as the main way of building in the future. For this reason, Butech, through its Porcelanosa Offsite range, is committed to developing new solutions. For this International Exhibition, the firm presents a new concept of facades with modules of up to 12 m2.

This new module includes the standard elements of the envelope and incorporates all the metalwork such as windows, parapets and balconies. In addition, it allows different exterior finishes such as fachada ventilada with PORCELANOSA ceramic tiles or SATE (Exterior Thermal Insulation System).

This advance in industrialised façades is being installed in the extension of the Hospital Clínico Universitario in Valencia. The 8,000 m2 modular façade has been designed by the AIC EQUIP and FJ Jiménez Arquitectura studios. For this project, 836 modules will be used, clad with XLIGHT (Porcelanosa) large-format technical porcelain tiles.

Butech’s industrialised façade project at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valencia. Image: AIC EQUIP and FJJIMENEZ ARQ.

Engineering and innovation

Interior design and contemporary architecture pose new challenges every day, which Porcelanosa Grupo faces with new materials and finishes. In this new paradigm, the technical solutions developed by Butech and Porcelanosa Offsite acquire special relevance.

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