May 12, 2020


The new normal for business premises with Porcelanosa collections

The firm proposes creating more spacious and safer spaces with collections that reproduce the colours, textures and contrasts of wood or natural stone.

The health emergency caused by COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented situation. Stay-at-home orders, masks, frequent hand washing with soap and water or hand sanitiser and maintaining social distances recommended by the health authorities (2 metres) are some of these everyday scenes that now form part of our routines.

From wood to ceramic stone

In response to this social and health change expected in the short-term, particularly in the retail and restaurant sector, Porcelanosa has selected some of its most sustainable collections to undertake this transition to the “new normal” in the safest and most hygienic way possible.

One of these is Forest Colonial from the brand PAR-KER®. This ceramic parquet reproduces the colour and the grains of natural wood. By installing it, it is possible to create more limitless and warm spaces. Its multi-purpose design is adapted to all types of business premises (shops, restaurants or department stores). And its 14.3 cm x 90 cm or 22 cm x 90 cm format lends greater authenticity to each project.

This collection is resistant to high temperatures, humidity, shocks and scratching, and it is easy to clean. As it is sustainable (made from 95% recycled material) and non-slip, this collection will provide greater protection to the user, because requires almost no maintenance.

Another collection inspired by nature is Berna. Included within STON-KER®, the Porcelanosa ceramic stone, its pieces recreate the texture and smoothness of centennial stones in each of its formats (59.6 cm x 59.6 cm;59.6 cm x 180 cm; and 80 cm x 80 cm or 120 cm x 120 cm) and colours (Acero, Caliza, Grey and Topo).

It also comes back to Ceppo Stone, a porcelain stoneware that recreates terrazzo in different colours: Stone and Acero. Its untoned finish, integrity and robustness make it the perfect material for spaces that seek greater intimacy, whether the dining room of a restaurant, the changing room of a store or a meeting room.

If, on the other hand, the aim is to create a somewhat more artistic commercial space, mosaics can be the best solution. Here we can mention the Mosaico Rodano Acero (31.6 x 90 cm), with its small greyish pieces that can be combined with black and white furniture to create a sensation of movement on the walls on which it is used.

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