November 7, 2013 | Updated: December 12, 2019


New Krion® 3-Way Series washbasins: adaptability and functionality in your bathroom

Washbasins are usually a vital element in bathrooms. Combined with furniture or on its own, its functionality is essential for all daily beauty and hygiene routines for both men and women. PORCELANOSA Group has created a wide selection of different and unique styles, both on an aesthetic and benefit level.

One of the key materials used for achieving these amazing results and design is Krion®. The new generation solid surface developed by Systempool creates washbasins that can adapt to any space thanks to its versatility and malleability.

Among the innovations in this compact mineral is the 3-Way series, a new washbasin collection designed with Krion® Lux Snow White. If there is something that clearly defines this product, it would be its versatility and functionality. Different washbasin combinations allow you to achieve a flexible solution for your bathroom space.

The 3-Way series comes in a square, round or oval shape and has three positions: recessed, semi-recessed and on top, thus creating various combination possibilities, and achieving harmonious and elegant results.

With this new washbasin series, Krion® provides modern results whilst achieving customised combinations that adapt to all types of bathrooms, playing with classic and symmetric shapes, and curvy and rounded designs.

The company has made a true commitment to innovation and style to improve your bathroom experience with endless possibilit

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