The way we decorate our homes says a lot about us and there are as many styles as there are individual homes. Common to any home décor however is the way that colour is used and one sure fire approach is opting for neutral décor. This means using a combination of neutral colour shades and tones for decorative elements like wall finishes, furnishings, accessories, textiles and decorative objects. Products like Porcelanosa’s range of wall tiles and floor tiles with their natural colour and characterful patina. But what are neutral colours? Basically any non-colour, that is to say shades of white (everything from cream to bone) and black, as well as browns, greys, and earthy tones including all the variations. Metallic accents should also be considered within the range of neutral décor. These shades go with anything. However there are some guidelines that can help make the most of neutral colours in home décor.

How to make the most of neutral décor

The best neutral colours for the home depend on the room, the light and the location. A seaside or mountain home might suggest a palette inspired by Nature while a suburban home might take a more urbane approach. The great thing about neutral home colours is that any available natural light is maximised because they tend to be brighter in hue. Choosing neutral interior design means future proofing your home without worrying about changing fashions or trends. And neutral décor appeals to all tastes because in reality it provides a backdrop, a stage set for other elements.

Neutral colour living room ideas

Neutral living room ideas should aim to mix textures, patterns and materials in order to avoid monotony. Fabric textures like linens and velvets, natural materials like cane and wood when expressed in complimentary neutral shades add character and warmth. Perhaps the best neutral colours for living rooms are white and grey, or rather variations on these colours. These shades appeal to everyone. Remember that accent colours and favourite items of furniture can really stand out against a neutral décor. Follow this link for other cosy living room ideas.

Brown living room ideas

Natural materials are at the core of brown living room ideas which can highlight a timber floor, raw linen fabrics or a prized Chesterfield leather sofa. Ancillary furniture and accessories complimented by soft shades of brown on walls exude warmth.

Taupe living room ideas

For a more sophisticated palette that features the warmth of brown combined with the elegance of grey taupe is another classic colour. Especially suited to upholstery for soft furniture and sofas.

Neutral décor 3

Neutral décor throughout the home

Other rooms in the home where neutral décor can set the stage for timeless and elegant design are the entrance hallway, bedroom and the bathroom. Neutral room ideas can be playful, like combining wall paper patterns with plain fabrics and block paint colours. Combine several variations of a single shade or mix and match neutral shades for added depth and visual interest.

Neutral bedroom ideas

Neutral bedroom ideas should involve matching bed clothes and wall finishes. Headboards and throws can then become more stand-out items or can match the surrounding wall colour. Bedrooms are the natural habitat of neutral décor.

Neutral bathroom ideas

Neutral décor bathroom ideas will help off-set the sometimes sterile white sanitary ware using a warmer colour palette. Off whites and greys are great choices but earthy tones and metallic flourishes also add character.

Neutral décor 11
Delaware Acero 19.3 x 180
Milano Grafito 45 x 120
Neutral décor 12
Java White 45 x 120
Pro- Part Laton Ocean 11 mm
Teide Stone 45 x 9
Neutral décor 10
Mombasa Para Caliza 45 x 120
Prada Caliza 120 x 120
Parda Caliza 45 x 120

Neutral hallway ideas 

Neutral hallway ideas should be welcoming with light colours, off whites and creams combined robust flooring. Add a signature piece of furniture such as a hall stand or an upholstered armchair in neutral shades to make the hall into more than just a space of circulation.

What are neutral colours?

Non colours like white, black and grey, but brown and metallic colours are also considered to be neutrals.

What Colours go with neutrals?

The beauty of neutrals is that they help frame and highlight strong colours.

How do you decorate with neutrals?

Combine a selection of material textures with neutral shades Mix pattern and block colours Mix and match neutral shades Add strong accent colours Include furniture as part of the neutral colour scheme Highlight any architectural detailing like mouldings and fireplaces

What are the new colours for 2020?

Soft greens like the Neo Mint and classic blue, see our 2020 trends post.

Combined neutral décor tones

If you are nervous about experimenting with neutral décor colours then there are some tried and tested combinations. Warm neutrals like taupe and grey, black and cream, brown and cream, gold and cream, beige with a red tinge and cream ivory. Remember the classic neutral colours, magnolia, teal, cream, beige, mocha and teal. With these shades you can’t go wrong.

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