January 10, 2019 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Nature and Terrazo by KRION™, a design with a sustainable character

The eco side of these pieces lies in their composition, with 40% recycled material and the SCS RECYCLED certification.

Its classic designs and uniform distribution of the chips on the surface make these series an ideal alternative to stone.

With sustainability and respect for the environment as the priority, Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo has incorporated two of its most ecological series: Nature and Terrazo; new colours that expand the possibilities and resources of design and architecture.

Stone and cement from Venice as the origin

With the classic terrazzo aesthetic that started to be used in Venice in the 15th century, the Terrazo Series recovers that Renaissance spirit and adds new colour touches. This is the case of T103 Antico Bianco, which reproduces small black, grey and gold stones on a white background or T104 Vetro; where green nuances prevail over the white ones.

Nature and the sky inspire

The Nature collection incorporates the Cosmos Nature and Granite Nature 0905 and 0906 models respectively to its catalogue of tonalities, reminding us of pure nature. Infinite stone nuances in black, white and grey provide projects with both strength and comfort.

The Eco side of these pieces lies in its composition, with 40% recycled material. The SCS RECYCLED certification allows it to be used in retail projects, high-end decor and furniture like those in the contract sector. Obtaining LEED points, the US system that certifies sustainable buildings, providing it with a new artistic perspective for sustainable ECO projects.

Each piece maintains the general properties of KRIONTM: bending, thermo-curving, impact resistance, zero porosity or easy transformation to put together a project with no joints. In addition to that, the aesthetics of these series combine perfectly with metal or wood elements, and their classic designs and uniform distribution of chips all over the surface of the sheet, namely: Nature in 6mm and 12mm, and Terrazo in 12mm; making them an ideal alternative to stone. Refined and elegant design for any space.

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