November 2, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Nature and technology come together in ‘Wellness Sensations’ by Noken

The bathroom experience has become something more than just our daily washing habit, since it has now become a moment for relaxation and general wellness, taking us to a new world of sensations. For this very same reason, the demands placed on bathroom equipment are getting bigger, which is due to combining maximum functionality with the highest performance technology. All of this allows for the benefits of water and its relaxing properties to be enjoyed to the max.

So, with this objective in mind, Noken, the bathroom equipment from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has been inspired by the flow of water, along with the therapeutic effects that it has on our body, in order to create the new ‘Wellness Sensations’ bathroom catalogue.With this catalogue, the intention is to make all of the necessary features available to everybody, so that the shower experience becomes an opportunity to enjoy, as well as being seen as a way to rid oneself of daily stress and life’s complications.The new ‘Wellness Sensations’ collection combines design and functionality, offering products that are technically and aesthetically greater, and which are aimed at meeting the needs of the most demanding of users.The new catalogue: more visual, more explanatory, more technologicalTo be able to embody the ‘Wellness Sensations’ philosophy, the new catalogue from Noken includes pictures that have a high visual impact, which portray the concept of the wellness and relaxation, reflecting the collection’s essence.Technology acquires special importance in this new product series, in which the design of the showerheads and taps are enhancing the water’s therapeutic effects, through solutions such as: aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and hydrotherapy, so that we can make the most of these natural water benefits for our own wellbeing.Additionally, the concern shown by the PORCELANOSA Grupo in encouraging the responsible use of water, together with the due respect towards the environment, is evident in the catalogue, where water saving is one of the leading priorities. In this regard, the inclusion of Noken technologies, Mood and Air Eco, stands out. It has been developed in order to strengthen the functionality of the bathroom, and at the same time, to affirm the company’s environmental awareness.The first one of them, namely Noken Mood, allows for the personalisation of each tap’s functions, which achieves the maximum water saving without losing the necessary strength so that the water power applies its therapeutic properties.For its part, the Air Eco technology is a flow limiter with the incorporation of air that achieves in creating a rain effect which optimizes the sustainable use of water, without altering the shower’s high level of comfort.The PORCELANOSA Grupo, thanks to Noken, has once again managed to involve itself in the most advanced innovation in products for the bathroom by combining nature, functionality, quality and sophisticated technology.

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