May 3, 2019 | Updated: 11 August 2020

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3 Ways to Bring Natural and Organic Elements into your Home

Getting close to nature without leaving the house has never been easier than it is today, thanks to the growing popularity of indoor houseplants, organic materials – such as wood or natural stone – and rich earthy tones, which brings the essence of wildlife into your home. In this regard, the house of @smiths_at_home, located on the outskirts of York, is perfect for explaining how to add warmth and comfort into your place through three simple steps.

Credit: @smiths_at_home

1.    Adding plants and greenery to any room

The most obvious benefit to having plants around your home is the visual impact, but there are many more benefits that go beyond aesthetics. For example, house plants can reduce stress, clean and purified air and increase humidity, which improves both our physical and mental health. So, adding plants to your house is the easiest way to turn it into a sanctuary of wellness.

Credit: @smiths_at_home

2.    Using earthy colours to give a natural vibe

There is no doubt that colour plays an essential role in how home feels to those that live in it. Therefore, choose a palette of colours that transmits peace and tranquillity. Include green, brown and ochre tones to create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere that keeps people calm and relaxed.

Credit: @smiths_at_home

3.    Incorporating organic touches than make a difference

In addition to choosing wood or natural stone to cover the floors and the walls of the house, we recommend you to include a fur carpet, a macrame wall hanging or a straw lamp – or all three at once, as in the following picture –  to emphasise the personality of the place and make it more comfortable and welcoming.

Credit: @smiths_at_home




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