June 10, 2020


The naif style sets a trend in interior decoration

This decorative style emphasises the simplicity of spaces through pastel colours such as pink, lavender or mint green and often combines wooden furniture with wallpaper or ceramic tiles.

When applied to the world of interior design, the term “naif,” which in French means “ingenuous” or “innocent”, refers to spaces of soft appearance that seek freshness through open shapes and pastel colours. Floral and geometric prints, white lacquered furniture, fabric lamps and hydraulic tiles with plant motifs are among the ideas we propose in this article to make your home a fine example of naif style.

 What is the naif style?

“Naif” interior design draws on the artistic current that emerged in France in the nineteenth century as a reaction against classical academicism. The naif style is characterised by clearly defined contours, deep spaces and scenes reflecting local colour. These three aspects are transferred to interior design in the form of printed textiles, wallpaper and ceramic tiles with relief.

How to design a house in the naif style

One trick for decorating rooms in a naif style is to cover the walls with mosaic, which will make the home as a whole more dynamic through the play of formats and volumes.

Among the mosaics we recommend, we would highlight the Drop collection by L’Antic Colonial, whose matte tesserae alternate with squares using Anthracite, Copper and Brushed metal flakes. Another mosaic that works well with this style is the Worn Hexagon Verdigris collection, which lightens spaces by alternating blue hexagons with others that have a metallic finish.

These wall tiles can be combined with floors inspired by natural marble. They include Rivoli by Venis, XTONE Ars Beige and Bianco Pulido by Porcelanosa. These porcelain tiles reproduce the veins and natural brightness of marble but have the technical properties of ceramics, which include resistance to high temperatures, scratching and knocks.

Rivoli Gloss 80 x 80 cm

The sweetness of pastel tones

Pastel colours such as dusty rose, lavender, yellow or beige combined with wallpaper printed with geometric or textile patterns will give your home that softness so characteristic of the naif style. Add wall tiles with floral details (Menorca Hojas Topo and Oxo by Porcelanosa), vintage furniture and globe lamps, such as the Rain, Dew and Drop models by Gamadecor, three designs that turn lamps into works of art.

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