March 9, 2015 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Multiple metal finishes give shape to the Metal decorative profiles by Butech

The combination of ceramic wall tiles seem to be more in force than ever in the interior design field thanks to solutions such as the decorative profiles by Butech. A trend which is progressing and adapting itself to the new preferences of both users and professionals, who continue to opt for ceramic material as one of the essential ones when achieving prefect finishes in bathrooms as well as in kitchens.

In order to respond to interior designers’ demands such as solutions for finishing off vertical corners, decorating ceramic wall tiles or hiding the transitions among different types of ceramic wall tiles, Butech has recently extended its Metal profiles collection.  An aesthetic long-lasting resource which contributes in enhancing the aesthetic value of the ceramic tiles in all kind of environments.

The Metal decorative profiles series has six different models –Graphite, Ocean, Moon, Line, Oxyde and Coal-, which are inspired in the ornamental capacity of the multiple metal colourings. All of them are made up of a 8 mm thick decorative surface, laid over a brass base.

With a similar finish to the chrome-plated brass, but darker, Metal Graphite profiles are available in three different finishes: Brillo (Shine) –a very attractive mirror-effect- , Matt –matte finish enhancing the cementish ceramic beauty- and Matt Line –offering a perfect texture for Par-ker® ceramic parquet models.

On the other hand, Metal Ocean profiles by Butech have undergone a treatment where the chrome-plating has been provided with a peculiar bluish colour tone, very suitable for stone-effect ceramic; whereas, Metal Ocean Line model perfectly combines with more textured ceramic surfaces.

With regard to Metal Moon y Metal Moon Line models, they present a similar finish to Ocean profiles, with a more reddish tone which replicates metals such as copper or bronze, although with some mate shades, more softened.

More suitable for all types of ceramic with matte finish is Metal Line profile, with a neutral finish available in Chrome-plated version, Chrome-plated Line and Chrome-plated Line Matt.

Finally, for a more industrial feel, Butech completed this new series of decorative profiles with the Metal Oxyde models, with a rusty appearance reminiscent of  corten steel; and Metal Coal, which presents a matte black finish similar to coal.

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