July 30, 2020


Glass mosaics for infinity pools

L'Antic Colonial from PORCELANOSA Group has designed the 'Water' collection, recreating the different movements of water in each of its ten pieces.


Glass mosaics have become one of the most widely used resources for swimming pool decoration. A trend that began to be explored by L'Antic Colonial from PORCELANOSA Group through its three-dimensional collections, in which each piece becomes the subject of design. This is the case with Water, a new line of mosaics that the firm has designed in collaboration with Sicis including 10 different pieces

The chromatic range of this series is based on whites (Caribbean and Water Ice), greens (Water River and Water Rain Forest) and blues (Water Sea, Twilight, Ocean, Winter, Mountain Lake and Nordic).

The driving force of water

With a format of 29.6 cm x 29.6 cm x 0.4 cm, the Water pieces are inspired by unspoiled islands where nature takes its purest form and shows the driving force of water through the combination of tesserae. Its three levels: Absolute, Excellence and Supreme allow you to create infinite and colourful pools that will help you to discover the aesthetic possibilities of each project.

Water Caribbean and Water Ice

Water Caribbean has a sandy texture that recalls the Caribbean beaches in each of its whitish tones. Meanwhile, Water Ice takes us to the Arctic with its colder blue as an aesthetic contrast.

Water River and Water Rain Forest

These mosaics play with different green tones and the interplay of light and shadow increases the depth of each space, making the interior of each pool brighter.

Water Twilight, Water Sea, Water Ocean, Water Winter, Water Mountain Lake and Water Nordic

These latest collections have blue as their main colour. The fusion with whiter or golden tones recalls those Hellenistic mosaics that depicted landscapes or scenes of everyday life through the superimposition of small cubic pieces.

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