October 24, 2013 | Updated: July 9, 2019


Mosaic and ceramic: a new and groundbreaking combination that creates trends

L’Antic Colonial brings you a world of possibilities with the mosaic tile as the main character. Besides using noble materials such as stone, wood or glass, mosaic tiles are a treasure of our times which allow us to recreate environments from past civilisations. This was achieved thanks to the constant contact made with our clients who have guided and helped us to discover their needs.This collection combines mosaics by L’Antic Colonial with products by Venis and Porcelanosa, creating endless possibilities to inspire and allow you to find a space which best fits your nature and understanding in life.L’Antic Colonial displays a catalogue full of colours and finishes with the best mosaic and ceramic combination proposals; including the highest quality and guarantee that characterise all of our products at PORCELANOSA Group.The catalogue shows us different spaces. Ensencias de la Naturaleza, Expresiones Geométricas, Reflejos de Cristal and Universos Brillantes are the names that define the blend of unique materials, resulting in an incomparable and surprising contrast. This modern exhibition is destined to set trends in interior designs.Among the combinations that we find in the catalogue are Tibet Black by Porcelanosa & Outlines Mini Strip Nepal, where warm colours and materials like stone interlock together; and finally Madagascar Natural by Venis &Tecno Glass Lagoon, which imitates geometric shapes in its mosaic, reminding us of our past cultures.L’Antic Colonial recommends stopping by one of your nearest PORCELANOSA shops to get a catalogue; you also can download it here. Once you have, you will discover the endless combinations and creations that allow you to design the space of your dreams.In addition, Jesús Chamizo, a renowned professional with a particular awareness in turning his goals into a reality, was in charge of the photography of the pages of this little treasure.

2 thoughts on “Mosaic and ceramic: a new and groundbreaking combination that creates trends

  1. because of health issues I’m installing bath size walk in shower and. I currently have mosaic tiles up floor to ceiling. I’m not lightly to be able to match these tiles but once the bath is removed there will be a gap that needs to be filled. My thoughts are that all the tile within the wet room /shower should be removed and replaced with new tile top to bottom, Could you please suggest a tile that might go with my existing Beige Mosaic tile 310mm x 310mm.
    The floor tiles should also be replaced.

    Please send suggestions and catalogue in the first instance as I’m not able to travel at present. Please also let me have your nearest showroom and stockis, Many thanks,

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