January 24, 2020

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Moroccan décor ideas for your home

If you are looking to bring an exotic yet elegant feel to your home, you should consider elements found in Moroccan décor – such as textured rugs, raffia baskets, metallic lanterns and decorative Moroccan style tiles. Modern Moroccan décor has become one of the most popular interior design trends of the year due to its beauty, elegance and uniqueness, and it looks like it will be the go-to style for the year to come. Read on to discover the magic of Moroccan décor and get tips for incorporating this exotic style into your home.

What is Moroccan décor?

Moroccan décor is a trend that blends all the best of African, Arab and Mediterranean design and draws much of its inspiration from the shapes and colours of the rolling sands of the desert. This design style is all about textures, fabrics, patterns and fluid lines, weaving them into rooms through pillows, blankets, wall hangings, pouffes, and rugs, among other decorative items.

Moroccan living room décor ideas

Are you thinking about redecorating your living room in a Moroccan style? Rearrange leather pouffes and textured cushions around your coffee table and on the sofa to give an ethnic-boho touch to your place. Moreover, various accessories, such as raffia baskets, metal mirrors, and rattan chairs would match this type of interior perfectly (as you can see in the pictures below). A Moroccan-inspired rug is also a nice detail that can transform the feel and look of your entire space.

Urban Caliza - Floors and walls
Deco Cubik Caliza - Walls
Moroccan Decor 2
Urban Caliza - Floors and walls
Deco Cubik Caliza - Walls
Urban Caliza - Floors and walls
Deco Cubik Caliza - Walls

Tips and décor ideas to create a Moroccan kitchen

The Moroccan kitchen is well-known worldwide for its delicious tagines and couscous, its pure and traditional flavours, and its authentic and fresh ingredients. So if want to have a totally Moroccan style kitchen you will need to buy Moroccan cookware, like the tall, cone-shaped pot (also called tagine) used both for slow cooking delicious stew and also for serving dishes. Plus, it looks great on top of the counter as a decorative element (as you can see below).

Kitchen is also one of the best places in the house to introduce one of the greatest Moroccan traditions, the ceramic tile. Get yourself the right tiles and you’ll be halfway to creating a little slice of Morocco in your home. Whatever type of tile you choose, you’ll not be short of places to showcase them in your kitchen: you can use them in your backsplash or as an accent in your wall or place them throughout the floor, countertops or shelving units − there’s no end to the possibilities.

Inspiring bathroom Moroccan décor ideas

The ethnic or boho look has become one of the most significant bathrooms trends of the year, due to its natural charm, warmth and earthy colour palette. Arabian-style mosaic tiles, also known as zellige, zillij or zellij (which means ‘small polished stone’ in Arabic) can transform your bathroom into a true oasis of peace, even more if you paired them with natural elements, such as wood and stone. The nude colours of these ceramic pieces combine perfectly not only with rustic-style furniture but also with minimalist designs, which gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to decorating your bathroom.

Moroccan style bedroom

You may think that there isn’t much that you could do in your bedroom. However, there are many decorative elements that can help you get the desired effect. Among others, you can use bed covers with exotic patterns, textured cushions with gold, metallic threads, wooden wardrobes decorated with beautifully hand carved doors, large terracotta pots or Moroccan-style rugs to add a touch of Moroccan feel to your bedroom.

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