July 8, 2015 | Updated: December 16, 2019


More comfortable, elegant and resistant bathrooms with technical Urbatek porcelain

Turning your home into a functional space for day-to-day living without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal is a top priority for professionals in architecture and interior design. If resistant and hard-wearingmaterials are required for demanding spaces like the bathroom, one of the most suitable alternative is the technical porcelain tile by Urbatek.

Following these premises, the American studio Tangent Designs LLC opted for the excellent technical performance of Urbatek technical porcelain for refurbishing a bathroom in a house in Virginia (USA).

The home owners needed a complete renovation of their bathroom to get a sleek, modern look with materials that would ensure maximum moisture resistance and cleanability. The option chosen was the Town Urbatek collection, whose qualities perfectly meet the required needs.

In this bathroom design, the technical porcelain tile Town Acero Nature square format 59.6×59.6cm Nature in floors is combined with Town Níquel model of 29.7×59.6 in a clearer tone in wall tiles.

In order to visually unify the space to the maximum and thanks to the low level of material absorption, the same floor with concealed drainage has been installed in the shower, replacing in an elegant way the shower tray, in a small format of 29.7×29 0.7 cm and 5x5cm tesserae.

This is a refurbishment project about the technical porcelain floor tile that maximises the best features of the full mass to suit everyday life at home.

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