September 21, 2015 | Updated: August 20, 2020


MOOD in your bathroom with the new Noken augmented reality APP

Thinking about making the integration of its most cutting-edge designs in real settings easier, Noken, PORCELANOSA Grupo bathroom equipment,  launches a new APP for Ipad and Android: Noken Aumented Reality.

Through the use of 3D modelling, videos and hyper-realistic computer graphics, this new app by Noken allows the user to show how every single element from the MOOD collection would be installed in the bathroom, ranging from its fresh present line of sanitarywares and basins, to the taps series with systems for a responsible consumption of water.

Making use of the most advanced augmented reality technology to integrate Mood in the bathroom design turns out to be as easy as downloading the app, through Apple Store for Ipad; or through Google Play for Android. After that initial step, you have to proceed with the downloading and printing of the markers, which will have to be placed in the exact place of the space where the bathroom equipment from the collection would be installed according to one’s own preference. Once these steps have been taken, it will be a matter of directing the tablet to the markers in order to live the MOOD experience.

The app turns out to be so complete and innovative that not only is it possible to see the final result of the installation, but the colour can also be changed according to the colour tones that are available in the collection catalogue. By offering a unique experience in the bathroom, Noken augmented reality app makes having a deeper knowledge of the origins of Mood collection possible, by means of recorded interviews done by its very own designers.

Mood collection by Noken, designed by Luis Vidal +Architects and Rogers Stick Harbours +Partners is one of the most sophisticated and advanced bathroom equipment series by the Porcelanosa Grupo firm. Thanks to its innovative aesthetics and its most technological version of electronic taps for flow and temperature restrictors, the collection has been awarded numerous international prizes, such as the Bathroom Product Innovation of the Year by KBBreview, the Product and Graphic Design by Green Good Design, or the Best Bathroom Product 100% Design 2013 by Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom. Thus, luxury and sustainability are combined together in the same concept of bathroom interior design.

Another feature Mood is characterised by, turns out to be its possibility to create integrated atmospheres. Hence, it is possible to combine sanitarywares, basins, taps and even bathroom accessories, all together in the very same collection, thus, achieving a uniform, elegant and distinguishing aesthetics in any place.

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