July 9, 2020


Gamadecor modular furniture - a must in your living room

Its pure, natural forms and finishes and integrated, restrained design give a home a more natural feel and encourage the creation of open spaces.

Specialising in the manufacture of kitchens, closets, dressing rooms, lamps and bathroom furniture, the Porcelanosa Group firm Gamadecor promotes the design of open spaces through modular furniture that combines isolated spaces like bathrooms or the kitchen with the other rooms in the house.

As the current housing model aims to create safe common spaces that promote life in society and a healthier lifestyle, Gamadecor proposes to extend the limits of the home by incorporating modular furniture that lightens spaces and allows greater hygiene in each area.

What is modular furniture?

By modular furniture we mean versatile units based on independent modules that allow the use of space to be optimised and that can be replaced without changes to their structure. As they can be combined with each other and are easy to move, they can be adapted to any project without controlling it directly and support the idea of flexible and unlimited design.

The advantages of modular furniture

In addition to the high quality of the materials used for their manufacture and the wide range of finishes offered by Gamadecor, including laminated, slats, matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, and wood veneers,modular furniture will allow you to gain space if you apply these tips:

  • Free space. Sensor modular furniture optimises spaces according to their design and requirements. A kitchen can be laid out in the form of an L or a U with a combination of units and formats.
  • Combine shelves with wall-mounted furniture. To expand the capacity of rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, you can fit wooden or metal shelves on the wall and combine them with drawer units or cupboards with sliding doors.
  • Store household appliances and other objects out of sight. To create an indefinite kitchen, distribute utensils in movable drawers and fit electrical appliances on the central island of the kitchen or in cabinets.
  • Unify colours with modular furniture. The design of Gamadecor furniture can be customised. To make kitchens or living rooms lighter and more spacious, design them in white or beige and unify the space with modular furniture in black or white. This will help you to create a feeling of depth in every corner.

Gamadecor Living catalogue

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