December 15, 2022

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Modern Living Room Ideas

The most important room in the contemporary home is the living room, which explains why we are always on the lookout for modern living room ideas. Not surprising since the living room is where we spend most of our waking hours while at home. As well as being the place where we entertain guests and visitors. With this article, we aim to offer you some modern living room ideas to help make the most of this very important room.

We have organised the different modern living room ideas into distinct categories: basic, décorcomfort, and colour, with a final part dedicated to modern small living room ideas. Through these considerations not only will you be able to create a modern-looking living room but also a modern-feeling living room.


Modern living room ideas

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Contemporary Vs Modern

The difference between the terms contemporary and modern should be explained in the context of design. While contemporary refers to what’s current and happening right now the term modern is related to modernism and refers to a historical period in architecture and design. At the beginning of the 20th Century to be precise, when architects endeavoured to connect buildings and interiors to the other revolutionary changes that were happening around them.

The term modern today, however, still refers to fresh, youthful and clean lines in design. As a result, throughout this article, we will use the terms contemporary and modern in an interchangeable way.


Modern living room ideas: Basics

There are certain aspects that are simply ‘a given’ with modern living room ideas. These are connected with the ‘modern lifestyle’ and changes in the way we occupy our homes. Natural light and spaciousness are a ‘must’ but even if you have a modest, small home the living room can be made to feel light and spacious. The open look can be achieved in several different ways including the following:


1. Day Light

Floor-to-ceiling windows, roof lights and panoramic windows are wonderful for letting light in. However, even for rooms with fewer windows or smaller ones, the space can be made to seem lighter. We recommend using lighter colours on walls and upholstery to make the most of whatever light is available.


2. Layout

The most significant change in living habits in contemporary living rooms is that they are more often than not open plan. If your living room is a separate space create greater visibility with glass doors to connect to adjacent spaces, like the kitchen or dining area.


3. Furniture

Another of the given criteria that has marked the evolution of the modern living room is its furniture, specifically the sofa. The dominance of the sofa is also explained by how habits of home entertainment have evolved. The sofa is king in the modern living room.


Modern living room furniture - Sofa

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Modern living room ideas: Décor

To achieve the modern living room aesthetic, you don’t have to recreate a single, ubiquitous style of décor. Natural Interior Design, Retro Chic, Industrial Design etc. are all modern. All these very eclectic styles share some common characteristics which can be exploited to get the “modern look”.


  1. 1. Layout & Configuration

Furniture arrangements in the living room can be configured in such a way as to look modern. The contemporary style of creating islands of furniture looks smart and works well in open-plan layouts. The idea is to group sofa and coffee table together, an armchair and a reading lamp, or a study corner with desk and shelving. Even a small living room can be made modern with simple grouping of the furniture elements.


  1. 2. Lighting

Not only is natural lighting a fundamental element but artificial lighting is critical for creating a modern living room. With LEDs (light-emitting diodes) the options are endless and should enhance the architecture of the space. If there is no character to begin with, add it with LEDs.


  1. 3. Art Works and Decorative Objects

To avoid the ‘cookie cutter’ look we recommend customising your living room with artwork and decorative objects. To be modern in the interior design sense means to be individual. So the more personal the better, however always make sure to get the balance right.


Modern living room décor – Art Works and Decorative Objects

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Modern living room ideas: Comfort

Modern living room ideas include elements that are invisible as well as those that are visible to the eye. To be modern means to be aware of energy consumption in the home. It’s about air quality and thermal comfort, which includes stripping our homes of harmful chemicals and contaminants that can contribute to asthma and allergies.  The following recommendations will help with both energy savings and creating healthier living rooms.


  1. 1. Floor Tiles

Remove carpets and replace unhealthy floor finishes with floor tiles for a quintessentially modern look. More so than any other finish porcelain tiles are hyper-antiallergenic and are free from artificial chemicals. Combine with under-floor heating for a clean aesthetic and for proven savings in heating bills.


  1. 2. Smart Living Rooms

The modern living room should be free from unsightly cables and visual clutter of all sorts. The smart living room is one where sensors control lighting, heating and entertainment systems are managed with apps. The savings in energy will repay the initial outlay and the look is ‘pure’ modern.


  1. 3. Air Quality

Another sometimes underappreciated aspect of the modern living room is air quality. This is connected to wellness and health generally. Specifically, and most importantly, having adequate ventilation. There are a number of ways to ensure sufficient ventilation and the requisite air changes:

  • Choose window systems that can be opened, or have built-in vents.
  • Ensure that wall air vents are unobstructed.
  • Install a ceiling fan, which can easily be added to a ceiling lamp.


Modern living room ideas: Colour

The colour palette plays an important role in achieving the modern look. Some colours evoke a fresh and clean aesthetic, which is precisely what the modern living room should embody. The combination of several colours within the same family is recommended, but always with a dominant colour. Our preference is for a palette of cream or grey colours, because of their luminance and character.


Modern cream living room ideas

Cream gets a bad press in the UK, often associated with magnolia in rental accommodation. But never underestimate cream, beige, off-white or oatmeal, these neutral shades can really make modern design shine.


Open-plan modern cream living room ideas

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Modern open-plan living area

This living room is a textbook example of a modern, open-plan, light-filled and spacious design. The colour palette only serves to underline everything that is modern about this living room.

The kitchen/living area combines clear timber tones and cream-coloured cabinets. Even the timber breakfast bar and marble worktop with cream-coloured veining work within the same palette. The overall effect is warmed with raw-coloured textiles and metal accents.

Modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows

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Modern living room with floor-to-ceiling windows

The high ceiling and expansive spaciousness in this living room, with floor-to-ceiling glazing, is made warmer through colour.

The organic tones of the timber effect floor tiles are also featured on walls. Together with the furniture and views over a planted garden, the overall look is organic and natural. The space feels warm despite its dimensions and modern aesthetic.


Modern grey living room ideas

The colour grey is one of those colours that evoke timeless modern design. Even when we look at the colour grey used in historical contexts it has a freshness about it.


Modern, contrasting living room

This modern living room softens the contrast between dark and light tones. The charcoal grey paint colour on the walls helps the matt and polished finishes to feel more unified. Notice how the metal, timber and glass accessories look like they belong. The overall effect is clean, characterful and still warm.

Modern industrial living room

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Modern industrial living room

The grey metal window frames and shelving structure complement the beige and cream tones of the floor tiles in this modern living room. The grey tones of the upholstery, the accessories and the art objects do all the work here to make the space feel modern but living-in and welcoming.

Modern small living room ideas

If you don’t have a large living room space don’t despair, there are other ways to get the modern aesthetic in a small space. The most important thing to remember is to keep the décor clean, with minimalist lines and simple shapes for furniture and accessories. The following tips will make even the smallest of living room spaces feel modern:

  • Install large format rectified floor tiles that will make the space feel larger than it is.
  • Pull furniture away from walls, if possible, this helps generate a greater sensation of space.
  • Scale the furniture to the room size. Choose a small sectional sofa that doesn’t dominate the space.
  • Try to establish a central axis in the room that doesn’t focus on the TV. A mantle piece, a window or a favourite piece of furniture will work better as a focal point.
  • We recommend using light and neutral colours on walls, fabrics and upholstery. Keep accent colours for accessories and artwork.
  • Avoid a central light fitting on ceilings. Instead, use an up-light or create islands of light around the space.
  • Smart technology will really help to achieve minimalist lines and a de-cluttered aesthetic.
  • Always provide some storage, cupboards or shelving. This actually helps small spaces seem larger and more ordered.


Modern small living room ideas

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