October 9, 2019 | Updated: December 5, 2019


The Essential Elements of Modern Classical Style

If you like the sophistication, elegance and refinement of the classical decoration but don’t want to give up the benefits of modern life, then this style is perfect for you. The modern classical style, as the name suggests, blends traditional with contemporary design, creating clean yet striking spaces that leave a lasting impression. Read the following tips and find out how to incorporate this timeless interior design into your home. 

Preserve classic architectural details

Emphasizing the original features of the building – such as beams, columns and architectural mouldings in ceilings, arches, and doorways –  is the best way to complement a modern furniture set and incorporate a very personal style to a classic look. Panelled walls are quite possibly one the most impressive and beautiful additions to a house. The main styles of panelling are Wainscoting, Frame & Panel and the ornate and Boiserie. 

Always pick neutral colours 

You can achieve this style using neutral colours like beiges, greys, and off-whites, always combined with metallic finishes and natural materials such as wood, leather and marble. You can also go for classic colours like black, dark chocolate, navy blue and dark greens to highlight a particular object or area of the room. 

Place pieces of art 

Busts, statues and paintings all have a place in the modern classic house interior, especially those of an abstract or figurative style. Using contemporary artworks add a pop of colour to the neutral scheme of the room and bring class and sophistication. 

Include large windows all round

Natural lighting immediately enlarges any space and provides a modern look at the same time, even more so if you paint the walls bright white. Consider adding large windows to catch natural light and bring it inside.

Modern Classical HomesCredits: @scotthaydnjones

Make a statement with pendant lighting 

Classic and contemporary crystal pendant lights are perfect for any room in the home, not just the living room. Place them above a dining table or a breakfast bar or even in the bathroom to make a design statement and achieve a captivating effect. The different shapes can add real design quality. 

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