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Modern Bedroom Ideas for a Timeless Makeover

Discover how to turn your bedroom into a haven of calm and relaxation with this definitive guide to modern bedroom ideas. Whether you have a small or master bedroom, this article covers everything from colour schemes to furniture placement.

We spend almost one-third of our lives asleep, so it follows that modern bedroom ideas should inspire us to make the most of this important room. Unfortunately, bedrooms are not always prioritised during refurbishment projects and are often relegated down the list of our decorating priorities.

This article is the solution you have been looking for. We will be providing you with the definitive guide to converting your bedroom into a veritable sanctuary of calm and relaxation. The following modern bedroom ideas will give you something to dream about no matter your decorative preferences.

Modern Bedroom Ideas for a Timeless Makeover

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Small modern bedroom ideas

Creative small bedroom ideas start with the bed. Think of the small bedroom as a cocoon, a womb-like setting for getting an optimum night’s sleep. Small modern bedroom ideas include anything that contributes to an ambience of peace and calm. So, getting rid of clutter is advisable.

Small equals cosy modern small bedroom ideas, these suggestions are guaranteed to provide results:

  • Take clothes storage out of the small bedroom, if possible. This frees up available space and helps eliminate clutter.
  • Instead of a bedside table, install space-saving shelving with reading lights incorporated.
  • A canapé style bed with inbuilt storage is worth its weight in gold for smaller bedrooms. Or alternatively, add shelves or under-bed containers.
  • Keep the colour scheme simple. For fans of colour, make sure that different shades are within the same family of colours. One strong accent wall can make a small space seem larger.
  • The night clothes stand is the key to wrinkle-free clothing for handy storage.
  • Make the headboard a built-in feature, with storage, lighting and shelving as well as a wall protector. Alternatively, use wall tiles to save on space but add bravura to the small bedroom décor.

Note: Special care is required for bedrooms accommodated in attic spaces. Modern attic bedroom ideas must make the most of the head space. Include space-saving tricks like under eaves storage cupboards/storage drawers. Place the bed parallel to the roof slope – not perpendicular if possible.


Modern attic bedroom ideas

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Modern Master Bedroom Ideas

The most important bedroom in any home is the master bedroom, which often has an ensuite attached. Because it is the largest in area, modern master bedroom ideas include ways of organising or zoning the space. Bedroom furniture (free-standing and built-in) together with lighting will help define separate areas in the bedroom. Luxury modern bedroom ideas, however, start with the mattress, bed linen and the visual presentation of the bed when not in use.

  • The trend for layered pillows, texture and warm bed throws is here for good. Don’t forget we spend more hours on our mattress than anywhere else in the room so don’t skimp on good quality bedding.
  • Bedroom furniture in the master bedroom is a category in its own right. The Ottoman storage bench is an invaluable and multi-functional piece of furniture. Likewise, the chaise longue is not only a beautiful piece of furniture but practical for day-bed use.
  • Don’t place the bed against a wall. Modern bedroom ideas like the free-standing bed against a full-height or half-height partition can separate the room into two areas: a dressing (or storage) zone and a sleep zone.
  • Create islands around the bedroom space as if it were in the living room. These might include a dressing area; reading or sitting area; a personal grooming area or vanity unit; or just a window seat to watch the world go by.


Modern Guest Bedroom Ideas

Nowadays, having a guest bedroom is a luxury. But one that can bring peace of mind to stays during visits from family and friends. Therefore, guest bedroom ideas include ways that the room can be used beyond sleep.

These parallel programmes might include a home office, a dressing room or even a home gym. Whatever the solution, modern guest bedroom ideas should never sacrifice comfort. The same criteria for other family member bedrooms apply.


Modern Colour Bedroom Ideas

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Modern Colour Bedroom Ideas

Timeless décor for modern bedroom ideas starts with colour. Science tells us that colour can have a big impact on the quality of our sleep, so it’s important to choose the right hues for your space. Luckily, we’ve gathered the most popular and sought-after colours to help you create a bedroom that’s both stylish and serene.


01. Modern white bedroom ideas

The reflective properties of white create a luxurious and modern look. Nevertheless, white must be tempered, using bed linen, texture, furniture, wardrobes doors and lighting to balance its brightness. Play with off-whites and neutrals combined with a more pure white to add dimension to the bedroom.


02. Modern green bedroom ideas

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a touch of green to your bedroom décor! Let the calming and refreshing ambience of Mother Nature inspire you as you layer different shades of green over your bed and outwards. Natural timber or timber effect flooring is the perfect complement to any shade of green, from bold and vibrant to soft and subtle pastels.

For an extra touch of natural beauty, consider adding plants to your bedroom décor. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal, but they also help purify the air through natural processes. Embrace the soothing benefits of green in your bedroom and create a peaceful oasis for yourself to unwind in.


03. Modern sage green bedroom ideas

Associated with peace and harmony, the darker shade of green known as sage is ripe with potential for the bedroom. That’s why it deserves special attention. The colour looks great in all types of light, no matter the season. The combination of sage green walls, bed linen, and headboards with timber flooring is a match made in heaven.


04. Modern beige bedroom ideas

Neutrals work in bedrooms because they disappear into the background, without distraction. That doesn’t mean boring, just more muted complementary colours where possible.

One of the most popular neutrals for bedrooms is beige, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. To enhance the cosy feel of a beige bedroom, layering different shades of beige and adding touches of natural materials like wood and linen can add warmth and texture.


05. Modern black bedroom ideas

If we were to ask the sleep experts, black would undoubtedly be their number one choice. Black absorbs the light and, therefore, creates the ideal conditions for sleep. But we use the bedroom for other tasks like dressing, so pure black needs to be conditioned with other shades. White pairs beautifully with black, but strong pops of colour like reds and greens also look eye-catching without overdoing it.


06. Modern grey bedroom ideas

Although trending now in bedroom décor, grey needs to be handled with kid gloves to avoid design clichés. Mix light and darker shades of grey around the bedroom. Starting from the flooring up, grey is the ideal colour for combining with other shades for soft furnishings and bed linen etc.


▶ Find out more grey bedroom décor ideas for a more sophisticated look.


07. Modern purple bedroom ideas

Luxurious, all-enveloping and otherworldly. The mix of red and blue that provides purple is the key to its use in bedrooms. Both these colours look great with purple and should be incorporated into a colour palette to add dimension. Keep these shades to soft furnishings and bed linen. When set against purple wall paint or wallpaper, they will look sophisticated and elegant in equal parts.


08. Modern navy blue bedroom ideas

Colour experts agree that blue is the most appropriate shade for the bedroom. It encourages feelings of calm and relaxation. Navy blue lies within the darker area of the spectrum. It complements white perfectly and therefore adds dimension and contrast to crisp white bed linen, ceilings and rattan furniture.


Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

As well as natural light we also need artificial sources of light in the bedroom. However, experts advise us not to turn on strong artificial light sources when we wake in the middle of the night. It reduces melatonin and breaks our circadian rhythms. Likewise, windows should have the capability to block out light completely.

Modern bedroom lighting ideas for artificial sources should be varied. Floor and table lamps, bedside reading lights etc. combined to create lighting zones. The sconce is an ideal example of how modern bedroom wall light ideas have evolved.

Choose a few matching fixtures to complement the preferred style décor. Washing the walls with indirect light is softer and more conducive to sleep. It’s a great alternative option to the central ceiling light.


Modern Bedroom Design Ideas


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Modern Bedroom Design Ideas

It’s more important to maintain a coherent decorative approach in the bedroom than in any other room in the house. Why? Simple, because jarring and contrasting visual references unsettle the eye. Everything in the bedroom should whisper harmony and balance, and that goes for the décor as well. These ideas provide tried and tested results.


01. Minimalist modern bedroom idea

The optimum bedroom décor is understated and calming. In other words, minimalist. Japandi bedroom ideas provide a contemporary example of how this look can be today. Providing lots of storage is the key to this look, to keep the space clutter-free. The colour palette should be based on whites, off-whites and greys to nail this aesthetic.


02. Modern coastal bedroom ideas

The dreamy world of a sunny day at the beach is evoked by the coastal look. Blue colour accents, bright background and timber furniture elements sitting on sun-faded timber flooring. The sun, physical exercise and positive vibes are palpable, and a sound night’s sleep is practically guaranteed.


03. Modern shabby chic bedroom ideas

For a more whimsical décor, nothing beats modern shabby chic for a dreamy setting. Even though the look is eclectic there are clear commonalities: printed patterns, antique-inspired furniture, metal frame beds, draped fabrics and vintage-style light fixtures. The look recreates a pre-industrial age when sleep was much more appreciated.


04. Modern Victorian bedroom ideas

The more is more look is associated with the Victorian style. Decorative artwork, heavy fabrics and brown furniture will help achieve the look. Add rugs to tiled or timber floors and don’t be shy about using a strong colour palette.


05. Modern neutral bedroom ideas

Neutral does not mean boring. In the bedroom, it means calming. The modern neutral bedroom décor should be appealing to the broadest possible range of tastes. For the ultimate contemporary look, consider tiled flooring which exudes modern neutrality while also ensuring maximum comfort with underfloor heating.

To perfect the look, incorporate a variety of colours into your furniture, focusing on clean and simple silhouettes that will complement the overall aesthetic of your serene sleeping space. Trust us, this is the ultimate recipe for a dreamy and stylish bedroom.


Modern Bedroom Décor Ideas

Modern bedroom decor ideas tear up the rule book. We have moved way beyond traditional ideas of what a bedroom should be. In this article, we looked at bedroom ideas from a holistic perspective. Every single ingredient of the décor contributes in one way or another to the success of a bedroom.

In summary, the following check-list is a brief overview of how to achieve a timeless bedroom décor makeover:

a.    Storage ideas

b.    Colour palette

c.     Tiles

d.    Furnishings (depending on bedroom size and parallel functions)

e.     Decorative style

f.    Artificial lighting

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Whether you’re looking for small modern bedroom ideas or luxury modern bedroom ideas, this blog post provides something to dream about.

However, to really appreciate these ideas in reality, we recommend a visit to your local showroom. That’s the first step to turning your décor dreams into reality.


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