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Mix and match: a combination of textures in flooring. The value of sophistication

The PORCELANOSA Grupo intends to constantly reinvent architecture, through unique designs for flooring which combine with the usual materials but symbiotically mixed together.

The firm wants to implement the sophistication and luxury of the finishes, therefore, it banks on the innovative mix and match of elegant marble and ceramic stone in a high gloss texture together with the different tones of PAR-KER ceramic wood.

The installation design, framing the gloss textures with wood, is used to create distinctive private spaces, full of high beauty and exclusivity. Furthermore, they combine authenticity, quality and the durability of both materials, therefore, showing an unprecedented look for flooring which can be installed in practically any room in the house.

Imagining, combining and mixing both textures and materials, mean creating new trends for interior design. The firm, Porcelanosa, achieves this thanks to its high-quality ceramic versatility which is able to inspire us and take us on a journey around the world. Each one of the combination touches reminds us of anywhere on the planet, a destination where the gloss stone and the wood have a place in the most exclusive houses.

Miami: luxury houses in the art, design and architecture mecca

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Miami is one of those places in the world where luxury and sophistication just flow. The best architecture in the world, the most exclusive interior design, art collections, excellent landscapes and award-winning chefs. Ranked as the mecca of art, both design and architecture required a combination of fine elements such as marble and wood, both in a durable resistant ceramic version. This way, Porcelanosa intends to join the Calacata Gold Pulido ceramic floor tile, 59,6×59,6 cm; and the PAR-KER Oxford Castaño ceramic parquet, 14,3 x90 cm; in order to achieve a distinctive and original effect in the flooring, capable of meeting the needs of luxury interiors.

Paris: a bright romantic bathroom

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Paris is the city of light and love, the central point of fashion and luxury, and iconic buildings. Paris is full of light in every corner of the city and this light enters the most prestigious houses. In the bathroom, enhancing the romanticism and the renowned and famous brightness that are in the capital of France, is possible thanks to the combination of the Thasos Pulido floor tile, 59,6×59,6 cm; and the Oxford Acero ceramic parquet, 14,6×90 cm, in a light wood tone. It is a flooring in a neutral finish which increases serenity as well as the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Madrid: warmth and innovation, a combination of texture and contrast

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Madrid is a city which respects the past; it is constantly renovating itself, though. That innovation, specifically, seeps into the new architecture of the big buildings, and also the new buildings in Madrid which bank on modernity but without forgetting about some things from the past. Through the combination of the Sena Caliza ceramic floor tile, 59,6×59,6cm and the PAR-KER Oxford Antracita ceramic parquet, 14,3x90cm; an authentic and warm effect for interiors is achieved by means of ceramic wood and polished flooring with marble shades. A flooring design which is unique and innovative, as well as being elegant and essentially classic.

Biarritz: classical-renovated allure and a big amount of light

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Biarritz is a city located in the southwest of France, and is one of the most welcoming cities in the country. A harbour for whaling ships converted into a trendy spa resort, which has achieved in being open to all influences without compromising its identity. The PORCELANOSA Grupo offers the following combination for a classical-renovated interior design in Biarritz with a big quantity of light: the Sena Acero ceramic floor tile, 59,6×59,6cm and the PAR-KER Oxford Blanco ceramic parquet, 14,3x90cm, by mixing dark high gloss on the inside of the tile with the clarity of the ceramic wood.

Roma: eternal creativity, warmth and avant-garde design

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Rome is the eternal city, a journey into time to one of the most wonderful periods in the history of mankind. But Rome reinvents itself, being positioned as the leading benchmark in modernity and creativity, endorsed by its outstanding history. The combination between the Travertino Medici Pulido ceramic floor tile, 59,6×59,6cm and the PAR-KER Oxford Cognac ceramic parquet, 14,3x90cm, achieves in getting that innovation effect through the renovated warmth that reminds us of the past. A combination of beige and brown which leads you directly to the colourful streets of Trastevere.

Malibu: brightness and contrast, the exquisiteness of an exotic place

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Malibu, located in California, is a paradise of contrast with an excellent natural environment. Through a combination of mountains, endless dreamy beaches and a warm climate, it is the favourite destination for surfers, as well as for those who love staying in a very unique and special place. For this destination and thinking about the luxury found in the houses there, the PORCELANOSA Grupo offers the combination between the Aspen Pulido ceramic floor tile and the PAR-KER Oxford Natural ceramic parquet. We are dealing with a mixture that emphasises the brightness and clarity of the tile in white, framed by the warmth of natural wood.

Discover a new way of combining textures with the PORCELANOSA Grupo: the source of inspiration for your project.

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