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New Mirage Deco ceramic wall tile: ‘scaly‘ stone for the most authentic interiors

There are certain rooms that call for a special space. Either in a hall, in an exclusive lounge or in the most visible area of a commercial interior design project; the contemporary interior designs require visually appealing spaces which bring together the highest decorative finishes in the atmospheres.

PORCELANOSA Grupo, through firms such as Venis, strives to achieve that aesthetic majesty effect by means of unique highly-elegant wall tiles. Mirage Deco, for instance, is a new ceramic design which amazes everyone because of its quality and because of being inspired by stone, therefore, achieving a ‘scaly’ effect.

The authenticity by Mirage

Mirage Deco is the new monoporous ceramic wall tile by Venis which stands out because of its natural stone appearance. Its authenticity and exclusivity are highlighted, sensations taken from the natural material it is inspired by: slate. This innovative ceramic collection turns out to be a design in relief and with a certain volume that imitates a framework of ‘scales’.

Mirage Deco is a slate with character, which gets excellent dynamic effects. Its surface tones remind us of metal, since it is made up of fine gloss-matt effect inlays, which together with the relief, provide it with a fairly natural look. It is a highly ceramic quality alternative for interior design projects that want to stand out alongside innovative materials.

The options from Mirage

Mirage Deco is a ceramic wall tile in a 33,3x100cm format. Its slate appearance is available in four different finishes: Mirage Deco White, Mirage Deco Cream, Mirage Deco Silver and Mirage Deco Dark.

This design is included into the Mirage series for floorings and coverings. A high-quality, resistant and magnificent collection which was presented at the 24th PORCELANOSA Grupo Global Architecture & Interior Design International Exhibition.

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