April 4, 2016 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Minimalist luxury bathrooms with the freestanding bathtubs by Noken: Lounge and Chelsea

When carrying out the interior design arrangement of a bathroom, bathtubs play a very important role. They are not always present, but whenever they are, they usually find themselves in the best place in the bathroom, and furthermore, at the centre of everyone’s attention.

That is the reason why the design of a bathtub turns out to be so important as it sets the tone in a bathroom. On one hand, either it is capable of transmitting both its language and its decorative style to the rest of the items, such as the bathroom furniture, the basin or the  sanitaryware; or it can contrast with it, becoming an original different piece in an eclectic mix of styles.

The latest trends in interior design, recover past times by drawing attention to the boom of the minimalist style, where everything results in being simple and reduced to the minimum. Noken, PORCELANOSA Grupo’s bathroom equipment firm, follows this trend, and opts for the freestanding bathtubs or freestanding, so elegant and fine, as well as sober and delicate.  There are two collections by Noken that include this type of bathtub without electronic equipment in its products catalogue: Lounge and Chelsea.  Both collections present bathtub designs and meet the design aesthetics based on the “less is more” concept, which was booming in the early-twentieth-century noble manor houses. On the other hand, the freestanding bathtub designs have the advantage that they can be installed in any part of the bathroom, since they do not depend on electronic equipment. They can also be installed on any kind of flooring, either on ceramic floor tiles, wood or natural stone, without any damaging effects.

Lounge: subtlety in its two bathtub models

The Lounge series by Noken presents two freestanding bathtub models; a round-shaped model and a square-format model with rounded edges.

The first model of freestanding bathtubs from Lounge is highlighted because of both its depth and its subtle curvilinear and dynamic design, which make any bathroom design stand out. In addition to this, it ensures absolute rest and relaxation thanks to its comfortable ergonomic backs; also thanks to its generous interior dimension, which provides an incredible bathroom experience.

The square-format freestanding bathtub from Lounge is as subtle and elegant as the latter, but with a more perfect design regarding geometry. Its rounded edges provide not only topicality and avant-garde, but also deep ergonomics and adaptability to any space.

La Belle Époque becomes a fact by means of Chelsea

The tribute to the ancient freestanding bathtubs, where the bathtubs were cast iron and one-single-piece, is paid by Chelsea and its inspired essence in the Belle Époque. The present minimalism is intermingled with the ancient designs, which are characterised by a more classical refined style. Both the slot-shaped overflow for a greater bathtub fill function and its built-in side shelf, provide the design with a higher functionality, becoming an attractive option in the most modern-day bathrooms. The freestanding bathtub is accessible from any side, and furthermore, it is soberly designed and it does not have any visible joints. 

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