March 11, 2020


Minimalist Interior Design

Based on the principle that “less is more” minimalist design is defined by simplicity, clean lines, order and harmony. The minimalist look first became popular in the 90s and has never really gone away since then. A reaction to the consumerism of the previous decade the minimalist interior is one where individual elements are prized and used sparingly. Inspired by minimalist architecture that derived from Modernism which itself was a reaction to the fussy ornament and decoration of 19th Century neo-classical architecture.

Minimalism is concerned with the essence of a space and its furnishings

The minimalist interior features pieces that are carefully considered and combined in such a way as to achieve a coherent décor. This means considering the space as a whole, its architectural features, materials, colour and textures. Creating a minimalist apartment or a minimalist house should reflect the personality of its inhabitants. Not so neutral as to be sterile but rather aiming for tantalising through quality and authenticity. Inspiration can be found in traditional Japanese interiors as well as Scandinavian interior design.

Minimalist living room ideas

Colour plays a central role in the creation of the minimalist living room. Wall finishes and furnishings should ideally be kept within the same colour palette. The sofa is a great starting point, given it’s generally the focal point around which the room is organised. Investing in a quality piece of design which will endure over time is recommended. Minimalism doesn’t mean boring so include accessories and decorative objects that provide a pop of colour.

Minimalist furniture  

When it comes to minimalist style furniture it’s quality rather than quantity that counts. Choose wisely with the long term in mind, a good dining table and chairs should last a life time. Neutral colours and classic lines will generally be more appropriate for achieving the minimalist décor.

Minimalist kitchen ideas

The kitchen often represents the single greatest expenditure within an interior design budget. Creating a functional and simple kitchen with clean lines is recommended using the best quality joinery you can afford. Choose a bright and unfussy colour palette for the minimalist kitchen. The other key element to the minimalist kitchen is order, and that means storage. Keep worktops clear and store condiments, spices and seasonings on shelves fixed to walls.

Minimalist bathroom ideas

Good planning is required to create a minimalist bathroom. Avoiding clutter is a basic tenet and to do that ample storage is required. Over sink cabinets, built-in shower recesses, towel rails. The choice of sanitary ware is also important for the minimalist bathroom, a clean silhouette and matching elements will generate a feeling a calm and order.

What is minimalist style interior design?

Minimalism is a style founded on simplicity and pursuit of visual harmony. It’s about knowing how to establish a neutral setting that nonetheless features stand out elements, furniture, art works or decorative objects.

How to do minimalist interior design

Although it looks simple minimalist design requires as much creativity and effort as any other style. In this case it’s about knowing what not to do. A neutral colour palette with well chosen furniture elements and a light filled space are the foundation blocks of minimalist design.

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