November 8, 2019

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Inspiring minimalist bathrooms with grey tiles

Phil Cohen (@philcohen_) is a huge fan of minimal and modern buildings but with a touch of softness and Scandinavian/European influence, and this can be seen in his new family home, located in New Jersey, United States. When Phil and his wife purchased this property almost two years ago, it was just a shell—foundation and framing with no plumbing, electric or ventilation. It had a very American traditional design and his goal was to transform it into a more contemporary-looking home with clean lines and simple shapes. As you can see below, the result couldn’t have been more stunning.

How to create a minimalist bathroom? 

The interior of the house follows the same pure line and contemporary approach as the exterior architecture— especially the bathrooms, where neutral grey tiles have been chosen to cover the floors and some walls.

Grey & White bathrooms 

Grey is a very peaceful, calming colour and, combined with white, it creates a fresh atmosphere, synonymous with relaxation and escape. In this project, grey tiles has been used to accentuate some areas of the room, such as the shower, while the rest of the walls have been painted white to make the space feel larger and more airy. 

Modern bathroom taps 

As Phil says, “grey is the perfect backdrop to let your tapware stand out”. With this in mind, he chose matte black taps for the master bath and brushed nickel taps for the other bathroom, thus adding a designer look to both bathrooms. 

The palette of contemporary finishes for taps is no longer confined to predictable choices—quite the opposite. They have grown increasingly popular in the last few years, becoming a staple in nearly all home decór instagram accounts.

minimalist bathroomsminimalist bathrooms
Product: Bluestone AceroProduct: Bottega Acero

Glass shower enclosures for a truly minimalist bathroom 

What other elements should be taken into account when designing a minimalist bathroom? Frameless glass shower enclosures, for example, are the perfect solution to adding elegance and value to any bathroom. As you can see below, a frameless door or enclosure produces a radiant ambience through the reflection of light and creates a spacious look that is perfect for making small bathrooms look larger.

Towel rails: a versatile solution for any bathroom

On the other hand, towel rails are the perfect complement to everyone´s bathroom due to its versatility and efficiency. However, finding the perfect design isn’t always easy. Here’s a tip that you would definitely find useful: “An easy way to achieve a designer look is to group three single towel bars together. Everyone always seems to have one or two but adding the third bar helps give it that designer edge”.

Clean and clear surfaces: the key to a minimalist bathroom 

In short, when it comes to minimalist style, it is important to prioritise pure and simple designs. In other words, the simpler it is, the better it works. This is why you should store items like the hairbrush, razor or eye shadow in the cabinets and keep your surface clear and always clean.

How to get the look? 

Phil (@philcohen_) chose the Bottega Acero for the master bathroom and the Bluestone Acero for the upstairs bathroom. When we asked him about this, he said: “I chose these two options because they are a neutral grey but contain variations of textures and nuances in colour.They add warmth and character to a simple and streamlined design. When there aren’t many elements to your design, I feel that it’s important to select quality materials that will create strong visual interest”. We could not agree more with him. 

Project info: 

Architect: Bloomfield Architects (

Tile contractor: Love Tile and Marble (

Interior designer and photographer: Phil Cohen (@philcohen_)


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