April 29, 2021


Minerva, a mirror effect stone mosaic

Available in four shades with different combinations of tesserae, the sophisticated design and natural finishes of this L'ac collection will enrich any space.

In homage to the very first artisans (hence the name Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts), L'ac by PORCELANOSA Group presents a new mosaic in natural stone with glass tesserae, as part of its Mix Mosaics range.

Available in four different shades (brown, black, grey/white and white) and several finishes from polished to matt, the combination of textures in Minerva makes it one of the brand's most exclusive collections.

Minerva Art mosaic Antic Colonial


Designed in a 31 cm x 30.2 cm x 1 cm format, each model in the range (Minerva Art, Minerva Battle, Minerva Shield and Minerva Wisdom) has a mirror effect that will add character to spaces, enhancing the depth and brightness of walls and creating a stunning sense of movement.

MINERVA ART 30.2 X 31 X 1
Minerva Art
Minerva Battle

Minerva Battle mosaic Antic Colonial Porcelanosa copy

Minerva Battle mosaic Antic Colonial

A mosaic that finds modern design in the origins of Ancient Rome.


Minerva Shield mosaic + Parque Monarch 1L Isabel Antic Colonial


30.2 cm x 31 cm x 1 cm

Minerva Shield

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