December 10, 2020 | Updated: 2 June 2021


Noken introduces new metallic finishes to its Finish Studio aesthetic line

The firm's taps, shower heads and accessories in customisable gold, copper, stainless steel and titanium finishes turn bathroom elements into decorative objects.

To transform bathrooms into truly designer spaces, PORCELANOSA Group firm Noken has introduced new finishes and materials to its Finish Studio aesthetic line with metallic shades ranging from gold, copper and stainless steel to titanium.

The gleaming metal finishes can be applied to bathroom and kitchen taps, shower heads and accessories, transforming elements into collector's pieces thanks to their exquisite appearance and durability (PVD coating). These refined forms will add personality to your project, as well as shine and sophistication through the simple geometric lines.

Designer jewels in gold, copper and titanium

The gold effect is reminiscent of jewellery, making collections like Lignage even richer still. Designed by architect Ramón Esteve, and winner of the IF Design Award for best bathroom design and the Delta Selection at the ADI Awards 2020, our Lignage pieces are inspired by ancient Roman taps with a classic design updated with gold and copper accents.



The copper finish marries perfectly with bathrooms designed in pastel or nude shades. Noken's rosé pieces work well with marble effect bathroom countertops (XTONE) or white wall tiles from the White Collection range by Porcelanosa.

If you are looking to highlight these copper accents, you could include large format ceramic tiles inspired by black Marquina marble (Liem Black or Nylo Noir from XTONE) or natural wood (PAR-KER®).

Titanium, in both gloss and brushed finish, perfectly captures the sheer elegance of metal. This new aesthetic is available for Oxo taps in a brushed finish, accentuating their futuristic look, as well as Lounge taps by Simone Micheli and Tono by Foster+Partners (gloss).

The stainless steel effect is also available for sustainable taps such as Round, with the look of aged silver making each piece even more striking and increasing the sense of natural light through the simplicity of their forms.

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